A Sunny Day in Whitby

A Sunny Day In Whitby

Your nearly at the end of your stay.  You've run out of things to do.  You've already walked round the town more times than you can remember.  You've done all the touristy things like taking a trip on the Open Top Tour Bus, been brave enough to take a trip through the Dracula Experience; done all the museums and country houses that are not too far away and even gone to the local Theme Park and gone on all the roller coasters.  You've got two days left so what do you do??

There's only one thing you can do when there's blue skies and the sun is shining and that is to spend the day on the beach!!  And what a perfect way to spend your last days.  A nice relaxing day on the beach.

In Whitby there are several beaches you can choose from.  There is one on the West side of the Town as well as one on the East side.  The one on the East side is only small so you would have to get there early, and be mindful of the tides as it sits just inside the harbour!  The access to this beach is tucked neatly down the side of The Duke of York Pub, just at the bottom of the 199 steps!

If you're looking for a beach which is a little bit bigger, then you want to head to the West side of town.  This beach stretches for miles and if you time it right you can walk all the way down to the next village of Sandsend.  To get to the beach on the West side of town is really easy.  Just follow the path or the road down towards the piers then down the ramp and your on the beach! It's as easy as that!! Then all you have to do is find the right spot where you can lay your towel down and then pass the hours sunbathing, building sandcastles, or if your brave enough, taking a dip or a swim in the North Sea!!

There's plenty of cafes close by if you get hungry or thirsty, and even several fish and chip shops.  If you fancy a 99 or a lemon top there may even be an ice cream van on the beach so you won't even have to leave the beach!!  If you've got kids with you then don't panic as i'm sure they will entertain themselves for hours digging holes, burying each other, building sand castles or playing games.  Or why not treat them to a ride up and down the beach on one of the Donkeys if they are out that day.

When the tide starts coming in then it's time to pack up and head back to the car.  But before you do that, don't forget to spend an hour in the arcades having a go on all those 2p machines.  You could even have a go at Pirate mini golf - the kids will love it!  When you've run out of 2ps you definitely know it's time to go.

If you're stopping at Whitby Holiday Park and do not fancy going all the way into Whitby to spend the day on the beach then why not spend the day at Saltwick Bay.  There is even access to the beach from the site.  Once down on the beach it's all about finding the right spot to lay your towel down, but don't forget to check the tide times outside reception before you go down as you don't want to be caught out by the incoming tide!  This beach is ideal if you want a nice quiet day as it is well hidden from the crowds from town.  If the tide is out you may be able to see the wrecks of  the Rohilla, a hospital ship or the Admiral Von Tromp both of which sank just off the coast here at Saltwick Bay .  You could even go crabbing or hunting for fish in the many rock pools.  At the end of the day its just a nice stroll back up the hill where you can either go straight back to your caravan to relax or you can pop into the Galleon Bar for a nice refreshing pint or the cafe for a lovely cooked meal.

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