WGW October 2018

Whitby Goth Weekend

The first meeting of a group of pen-pals has now turned into a twice annual event for the town of Whitby, know as the Whitby Goth Weekend. In 1994, a group of about 40 pen-pals decided to gather together after meeting through the pages of NME magazine (New Musical Express). The meet-up was organised by Jo Hampshire and quickly became known as a musical event.

Whitby was first chosen because of its ties to Dracula. Bram Stoker included Whitby in his novel about the vampire. There are several references to the town within his book, including the description of the ruins of Whitby Abbey. It is said that Stoker discovered the name Dracula when he checked a book out of the library in Whitby while on vacation here.

Though the ties to the book may have prompted the festival to be formed here, Whitby was also chosen for its understanding and warm reception to event goers. 

The festival was originally organised to provide musical entertainment for Goths. It has since evolved into a festival celebrating the Goth and other alternative lifestyles. Goths generally dress in black clothing, with dark hair and make-up featuring dark eyeliners, lips, nail polish and sometimes, a white face. However, this style is not limited and there are so many different variations with the diverse characters who attend. As you walk around the town you will delight in the costumes and effort people put into them. It really is a sight to behold!!

WGW is now held twice a year in Whitby. It began being held twice a year in 1997 and it is now one of the largest Goth events in the world. It attracts visitors from all over the UK and the world.

Most of the events are held at Whitby's Spa Pavillion. There are other venues used throughout the town but “The Spa” is the main location. 

The festival is open to any one of any age.  The event has been good for the economy of Whitby, no doubt leading to the warm welcome to the WGW each year. For restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses in the area, the festival generates about 1.1 million pounds. 

From its humble beginnings to the world’s largest Goth event, Whitby Goth Weekend only seems to be getting larger and more popular. 

The timing of the Goth Weekend also coincides with the Illuminated Abbey. This event runs from 25th - 31st October and proves very popular with tourists and locals alike. It is definitely worth a visit if you are staying here. In fact you will be able to see it from the park too.

For anyone who has already booked to stay with us you are in for a great weekend. If you haven't managed to book yet then we do still have a couple of our Holiday Homes left to hire for the full weekend. 

For our touring customers even though we are fully booked for the Friday and Saturday you could still come from Sunday 28th and enjoy the end of the Goth weekend and also still see the illuminated Abbey as it runs until the 31st.

Why not give us a call today to see what we can do for you? Call us on 01947 602664 and give yourselves a treat. The season is almost over so this could be your last break of the year before Christmas.


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