Keeping your dog cool this summer

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Whitby Holiday Park is a very pet friendly site and we are as dedicated to their welfare as you are. Your pet is on holiday too and we like to ensure they enjoy their stay with us.

Warm sunny weather is always appreciated when you are on holiday, but for our canine friends it can be uncomfortable and stressful, below are a few hints and tips to help ensure your dog enjoys their stay with us here at Whitby Holiday Park.

The best times of day to exercise your dog are early morning or late evening as these are the cooler times of the day. Although dogs need vigorous exercise to maintain their health, during summer is the best time to back off from intense exercise

Doggie Boots

Pet supply stores stock doggie boots, these are designed to protect your dogs paws from the hot ground. Heat rises from the ground, especially on surfaces such as cement or asphalt. Dogs absorb and release heat through their feet. Doggie boots can also be used in winter as they absorb the cold in winter they also isolate heat. To check if the ground is too hot for your pooches paws, place your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, if it is too hot for you then it is painfully hot for their paws.
Dogs do not sweat like we do, therefore it is essential to recognise the signs of dehydration. Dogs cool off by panting, an overheated dog will drool excessively. Their eyes will become bloodshot and they may appear pale and lethargic, if you lift their skin it will take longer to fall back into place, this is the same with humans; try pinching the skin on your knuckles and if it takes a few seconds to fall back into place, this is a sign of being dehydrated.

It is essential to always carry a bottle of water when out with your dog in hot weather. All dogs have different hydration needs: dogs with darker coats absorb more heat and overweight dogs are at higher risk of dehydration.

To help your dog stay cool in the garden you should always set up a shaded spot for them to sit in, try placing a wet towel on the ground for your dog to lie on, you could also set up a kiddie pool or a lawn sprinkler, this will encourage your dog to help control their body temperature. Dogs cool from the bottom up so you could also spray their paws and stomach to help them. 

    Never leave your dog in a parked car, even on cool days, the sun makes the inside of a car unbearable, sometimes even deadly. You often hear people say it is acceptable to leave a dog in a car if the outside temperature is below a certain figure and if the dog is not left for a long time, there are actually no set rules so if you are in any doubt, then please do not do it.

    And finally, always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh drinking water, no matter the time of year.