The Goths Are Coming

The Goths Are Coming

It's nearly that time of year again! The Goth weekend is one of Whitby's biggest events of the year, where people come from all over to join in the celebrations. Founded in 1994 it has now got so popular that since 1997 it has been held twice a year. April 21st is the first one and I can't wait!! 

I love the diversity and freedom of expression as everyone has their own interpretation of what the Goths are...

All the shops, pubs, and cafes / restaurants get into the spirit of things too. If you wander around the town during Goth weekend you are in for a treat. Just look at the type of window display you may come across 👀 I love it! 👀

As I've mentioned before I really enjoy photography, and if you ask nicely a lot of the Goths will happily pose for you to take pictures of them. Be nice though as some do find it intrusive getting cameras shoved in their faces. The majority of them enjoy the attention though, as let's face it, who doesn't like being admired for looking so beautiful.

Whitby Abbey is a stunning backdrop for some wonderful pictures, as is St Mary's Church which is next to the Abbey. Please be aware that taking photos of people draped on the grave stones is frowned upon, but don't worry, you can still get some amazing pictures without having to climb all over the graves. Remember, a little respect goes a long way 👌

Families, individuals and couples all flock to Whitby for this weekend, and there is plenty of entertainment to suit everyone. During the daytime there is the Bizzare Bazar where you will find stalls selling all kind of weird and wonderful items. Then after the daytime crowds have packed up and left, the Spa transforms into a buzzing hive with an electric atmosphere. You'll meet like-minded people, consume lots of Shandys and dance the night away with your new best friends.

If you're not already shopped out after visiting the Bazar then why not have a mooch around the shops of Whitby, go for a bite to eat in one of the many cafes or restaurants or just enjoy good old Whitby fish & chips! You can't beat 'em! I love to sit down by the harbour or the pier with mine and just watch the world go by. Look out for those cheeky Seagulls though - they love Whitby fish & chips too 🐦😋

So bring your family and friends to Whitby. It's the place to be! April 21st - 23rd are the dates you need to highlight in your calendars. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

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