Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Spring is nearly upon us, we here at Whitby Holiday Park are really looking forward to welcoming all our customers, old and new.

Our maintenance staff are busy ensuring all the facilities are clean and well maintained to make your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Our newly renovated Family Club House will re-open on Saturday 25th March, we are all excited to see the finished result. It will look very nautical whilst also keeping with the ever changing times, introducing our new IT Hub Room.

Springtime is a wonderful time of year which I look forward to. I still find it an amazing time of year, seeing all the changes as we start the transformation from winter to summer, I love to see all the tiny buds begin to appear on trees and the flower shoots pop up out of the ground, it is a very colourful time of year.

The spring season often brings warmer temperatures and is celebrated by people around the world with festivals and fairs. Spring is the period of time between the vernal equinox, which falls around March 21 each year, and the summer solstice, which takes place every year on June 21. As the spring season progresses, days and nights become milder, flowers and plants bloom, and days become longer.

I hope the weather is kind to us all and we can enjoy spending some time outside. 

The children can enjoy playing in our park, building sandcastles, climbing all over the climbing frames and whizzing down the slide, whilst the adults can enjoy having some well deserved time relaxing and chatting.

If the weather isn't very kind during your stay you can take full advantage of our IT Hub room and afternoon Cinema.

We have got another busy but very exciting year ahead of us and I am looking forward to every minute of it


The Goths Are Coming

The Goths Are Coming

It's nearly that time of year again! The Goth weekend is one of Whitby's biggest events of the year, where people come from all over to join in the celebrations. Founded in 1994 it has now got so popular that since 1997 it has been held twice a year. April 21st is the first one and I can't wait!! 

I love the diversity and freedom of expression as everyone has their own interpretation of what the Goths are...

All the shops, pubs, and cafes / restaurants get into the spirit of things too. If you wander around the town during Goth weekend you are in for a treat. Just look at the type of window display you may come across πŸ‘€ I love it! πŸ‘€

As I've mentioned before I really enjoy photography, and if you ask nicely a lot of the Goths will happily pose for you to take pictures of them. Be nice though as some do find it intrusive getting cameras shoved in their faces. The majority of them enjoy the attention though, as let's face it, who doesn't like being admired for looking so beautiful.

Whitby Abbey is a stunning backdrop for some wonderful pictures, as is St Mary's Church which is next to the Abbey. Please be aware that taking photos of people draped on the grave stones is frowned upon, but don't worry, you can still get some amazing pictures without having to climb all over the graves. Remember, a little respect goes a long way πŸ‘Œ

Families, individuals and couples all flock to Whitby for this weekend, and there is plenty of entertainment to suit everyone. During the daytime there is the Bizzare Bazar where you will find stalls selling all kind of weird and wonderful items. Then after the daytime crowds have packed up and left, the Spa transforms into a buzzing hive with an electric atmosphere. You'll meet like-minded people, consume lots of Shandys and dance the night away with your new best friends.

If you're not already shopped out after visiting the Bazar then why not have a mooch around the shops of Whitby, go for a bite to eat in one of the many cafes or restaurants or just enjoy good old Whitby fish & chips! You can't beat 'em! I love to sit down by the harbour or the pier with mine and just watch the world go by. Look out for those cheeky Seagulls though - they love Whitby fish & chips too πŸ¦πŸ˜‹

So bring your family and friends to Whitby. It's the place to be! April 21st - 23rd are the dates you need to highlight in your calendars. I guarantee you'll have a blast.


Jewel of the North Yorkshire Coast

Jewel of the North Yorkshire Coast

Isn't Whitby beautiful?! 

The perfect picturesque fishing town on the North Yorkshire Coast. 

With lots to see and do in the area Whitby and the surrounding area is well worth a visit. 

Just look at the picture opposite. Whitby is rich in history of a time gone by.

Here at Whitby Holiday Park we have added to our hiring accommodation! We have now got some more Platinum caravans for you to come and stay in and enjoy that added touch of the home from home feel. Even though these caravans don't allow pets in them, don't worry if you are a pet owner as we do have some Pet Friendly caravans for you to stay in as we are very dog friendly. We are also perfectly located as we are on the Cleveland Way walk, making this a paradise for dogs as there will be lots on new areas for them to investigate! 

This is Gizmo and Dobby our resident pets! They live with my manager and love to meet old doggy friends and new ones too!! 

In our Club there is a section for you to sit and enjoy a nice drink throughout the day or evening, and we also have a patio area where you are more than welcome to sit and enjoy the sunshine with your pets! 

The beach here at Saltwick Bay is dog friendly all year, so you don't have to worry about restrictions in peak season. You can enjoy your day at the beach with all of the family and if you fancy a picnic then the cafe do some lovely sandwiches, salads and puddings!!

As you can see this is perfect for sitting back and enjoying the sunshine while the kids go off to look in the rock pools and look for our famous Whitby Jet! 

To get to the beach the access is just off our Park but we do ask you to take care going down and back up as some of the steps are a little steep in places.

If walking is your choice for staying with us, then call into Reception where we can give you some ideas of the best places to go walking or call into the Whitby Tourist Information Centre and they will be able to provide walking OS maps of the area! One place well worth a visit is Maybeck. There is lots of areas to explore and there is also a nice little tearooms for you to stop off for refreshments after a good hike around!

Back on park we have our recently refurbished outdoor children's play park! 

All the kids loved this last year as they had the sand to dig in and the water pump to play with, as well as the slide and the other play equipment. Kids will spend hours playing in there and quite often make new friends on the first day! 

New this year we will have our Hub Room which is situated in the Family Club. In here there will be an Xbox and several Ipad stations for you the whole family to use. Why not challenge each other to a game on the Xbox? or have parents v's kids? or even have one family battle it out against another family!! 

We also still have the Cinema in our Family Club which comes in handy if you are looking for something to do on an afternoon especially if it isn't great weather outside!! 

I am Whitby born and bred and i might sound a little biased but Whitby is by far the best place to stay! 

I have worked here at Whitby Holiday Park for nearly 14 years and they have been the best 14 years ever! I love meeting new customers and making them feel welcome on their arrival and I also like to welcome returning customers and seeing some familiar faces!! 

If you think that Whitby Holiday Park sounds like the place you would like to stay, then why not give us a call on 01947 602664 to book your stay! We also have a lovely cliff top touring field with views of the sea and Whitby Abbey! 

Go on and treat yourself and the family to a holiday you won't forget! Bring your camera and snap those family holiday moments. Something to treasure!!

I hope to hear from you all soon and if you have already booked with us then I look forward to seeing you on your arrival!!


A Photographer's Playground


When I first came to Whitby about 5 or 6 years ago I was only just getting into photography as an actual hobby. I'd always enjoyed taking holiday snaps but that was as far as it went. Then one day, when I was looking for a new hobby I just picked up my little pocket camera and went for a walk. I loved every minute of it, from the day out walking, to the editing of the pictures at the end of the day. I've never looked back since and now I hate to leave home without my camera in case I see something πŸ“·

I have to say Whitby and all the surrounding area does not disappoint!!!

It doesn't matter what level of photography you are at. I have recently upgraded from a compact to a bridge camera which I absolutely love. But Whitby is such a characteristic place that whether you take pictures on a fancy camera with all the lens attachments or whether you use your mobile phones, they would still look great πŸ“±

This beautiful area also has many subject matters to choose from. If you love photographing flowers Runswick Bay is always beautiful in Summer. I just love the walk down to the beach through all the houses and their lovely gardens🌷

If you like wildlife there are loads of walks to be had where wildlife of all sorts can be spotted. The Sealife Centre in Scarborough has some wonderful photo opportunities too.
If you want to travel slightly further afield there is Tropical World in Leeds where they have a wonderful selection of Butterflies. The selection of topics to photograph is endless... boats, architecture, wildlife, fossils, beaches... I could go on...

Whatever you decide to photograph...



Lights, Camera, Action!!

Lights, Camera, Action!!

There is a lot of excitement in Whitby and the surrounding villages.
This is due to the filming of a new project that is being directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

As you can see from the picture on the right the Oscar Winner Daniel Day-Lewis is the main star of this new film! His co-star is Lesley Manville.

It is thought that the film is based on the fashion scene of fifties London and it is speculated that the film is based on the life of fashion designer Charles James who lived in London at that time and who also lived in New York.

Filming has already been done in Lythe a little village on the outskirts of Whitby, in the graveyard of St Oswalds Church.

It was leaked to one newspaper that they were using the working title "The Phantom Thread" after notices were spotted in the cast and crew vehicles.

Locals have also spotted the film crew in and around Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay filming in different areas of the villages.

Local photographer Glenn Kilpatrick (who's images i am using) wrote on his page "word on the grapevine is that fishing boats have been hired for February in Staithes and some filming will also take part in various cottages on High Street".

It is thought that Daniel Day-Lewis is staying locally in Lythe while filming.

So watch this space as I think I might have to go off celeb spotting on my day off!!