My time at Whitby Holiday Park

My time at Whitby Holiday Park


I had been working in education for 10 years and due to my life taking a very unexpected turn my mind-set changed, I decided a change in my career would be the right road to take. 
My brother saw the job advertisement for a Receptionist needed at Whitby Holiday Park, he contacted me and convinced me it would be perfect for me as he said 'I am very much a people person and very helpful.' 
I took the plunge and applied and I am very glad I did, I work with a fantastic group of people, they are very understanding, helpful and supportive.

My First Day:

Monday 16th May 2016 was my first day at Whitby Holiday Park and I remember feeling very nervous when I was driving to work as I didn't know what to expect. 

I had already been fore warned that the office would be very busy as the parks season had started, and it was.

The phones were constantly ringing and my two work colleagues seemed rushed off their feet, I felt more of a hindrance than a help, but they were both very patient and every time there was a quiet spell they spent time showing me the basics, there were times during that first week where I felt out of my depth.

After my first week I was confident enough to take a telephone booking independently but I was still very nervous about checking people in.
Everybody made me feel very welcome and that eased my nerves, the customers were also very patient and understanding.


I am very settled in my new job and I am extremely thankful to Susan Robey for giving me the opportunity.
Our Facilities
Changing my job was a big life changing decision, but it was the right decision, I have worked here now for 7 months and I thoroughly enjoy meeting and greeting all our customers.
View from our touring field

Whitby Holiday Park is a very pleasant picturesque place to work, and I am pleased I made the change. 

Halloween 2016

Here in reception we get involved in the spirit of the current celebration. We dress for the occasion and decorate the office and bar accordingly, the customers enjoy and appreciate our efforts.


New for 2017 at Whitby Holiday Park


Here at Whitby Holiday Park we are in the process of  having some upgrading work been done to our Family Club. We will be posting update photos as the work progresses

Our company always looks at different areas to improve and this year they has decided to improve the Family Club. 
So when you come to visit us you will see a difference in the club and bar area.

The bar area will no longer be separate from the main entertainment room, and the cinema area will be sectioned off in its own room. This will make a more relaxing area for all the family to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy our visiting cabaret acts on an evening over the Bank Holiday and Summer Holiday weekends only, and at all other times you can relax with some nice background music while you enjoy a cold glass of wine or beer! 

We will have some extra Platinum caravans also on our Hire Fleet for 2017, so if you are looking at booking your holiday in the UK then look no further and come and see us on the North East Coast. 

If you are a touring customer then you will be pleased to know that we are providing hair drying facilities in the toilet and shower areas and also some seats in the shower area. 

Our Maintenance Team are busy working hard on all the jobs that can only be done in the quieter season. Whether they are moving caravans or improving Hire Fleet caravans with deckings and other interior improvements to make your stay with us a home from home experience. 

So as you can see the Park is as busy as ever and as the work on the Family Club progresses we will post on Facebook the photos of the different stages and also put on a before and after photo once the work has been completed. 

We hope you enjoy the new layout of the Family Club and we are excited to open the doors to you all  in March 2017.