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Whitby Goth Weekend aka WGW, is fast approaching, here are some fascinating facts of the very popular event:

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The origins of WGW are in a meeting of around forty of Hampshire's pen-pals in 1994. 

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* The first meeting was held in the Elsinore, public house in Whitby which with the Little  Angel continues to be a meeting point during the weekend. Hampshire said Whitby was chosen for its Dracula connections

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   *  It was founded by Jo Hampshire in 1994

   *  The festival was held yearly until 1997, when it became twice-yearly in April and October. 

*  It has grown into one of the world's most popular goth music events attracting around 1,500+ attendees from across the UK and beyond.

*  It has grown so popular it now attracts many genres: Punks, Steampunks, Emos, Bikers, Metallers and many more. 

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* Children and pets also enjoy joining in with popular event  
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*  The main event is held in the town's largest venue Whitby Spa Pavilion (known as the Spa) and the Bizarre Bazaar 'Goth Market' is also held there and at Whitby Leisure Centre and the Brunswick centre.

*  The "weekend" starts during the day on Friday and fringe events are held on Thursday, Sunday and Monday including club nights, markets, and a charity football match between visiting goth team Real Gothic, and local team Stokoemotiv Whitby. During the October/November event there is an independent custom car show, 'Whitby Kustom' in the grounds of West Cliff School. There are also several "meet ups" aimed at goths with a particular interest, e.g. Lolita Goth.

*  Newbies who have not attended the event before, are referred to as "Whitby Virgins". To help introduce them to the event, there is a WGW Virgins Meet Up on the Friday morning at the Spa.

As WGW is ever increasing in popularity we find ourselves fully booked months before the event date for both the goth events, if you are thinking of attending a goth weekend and would like to stay at Whitby Holiday Park then please ring the office on 01947 602664 to make an advance booking for WGW 2017.


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