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The Moors National Park Centre..........

Have you ever thought about visiting the Moors National Park Centre at Danby?? No??  Then let me try and convince you why you should change your mind and visit there........

The historic centre is tucked away in the valleys of the North Yorkshire Moors, situated on the banks of the River Esk, nestled between moorland, woodland and farmland.  The ideal place to be able to explore and learn about this wonderful place that you have come to stay and visit!

So, apart from being nestled in beautiful countryside, why else should you visit the Moors Centre?  The reason being that there is so much here for you to do indoors and outdoors.  There are plenty of activities on for both adults and children.

The inside activities include the following:

  • Exhibition - telling you all about the people who you will find on the moors, the history of the moors, what wildlife you can find and also about the landscape and why it is like it is.  The exhibition has lots of fun and interesting facts, and has lots of interactive activities for the children.
  • Inspired - which has an ever changing exhibition of work inspired by the North Yorkshire Moors
  • Climbing wall - if your children fancy having a go at burning off some energy, let them see if they can climb all the way to the top of the climbing wall, which has been a new addition to the centre.
  • Shop - make sure you visit the shop which is full of wonderful delights, books, maps, guides, postcards etc.... to remind you of your visit to the Moors Centre
  • Woolly Sheep Tea Room - refresh yourself with a cup of tea/coke/soft drink and a slice of cake or perhaps a light lunch

And if that list of exciting things isn't enough to tempt you, then what about all the exciting things you can do outside...........

  • Outdoor adventure play area - let the kids have a run around and burn off some energy in the adventure play ground.
  • Woodland Kitchen - we all know children like having tea parties out in the garden, using whatever bits and pieces they can find from outside, so why not let them have a play in the Mud Kitchen, which comes complete with ovens, cupboards, pots and pans - the Mud Kitchen is open from Spring until 5th November
  • Salmon Labyrinth - follow the journey of a salmon upstream to their spawning grounds
  • Quoits - have a go at playing a traditional game 
  • Compass Field - brush up on your navigation skills
  • Crow Wood - explore this woodland via an easy access circular route that starts in the car park.
  • Have a walk around the grounds to see the many sculptures - some of which can talk!
  • Why not have a picnic out on the lawn
  • Or why not try one of the 5 easy to follow walks around the Moors Centre.
Plus you can take your trusty four legged friend with you too! Although they are not allowed in the main building or Crow Wood (as children's activities are done in there!).

And if that still isn't enough to tempt you, then what about this.................

The Moors National Park Centre at Danby is a 'Dark Sky Discovery Site (Milky Way Class)'.  This is because it has low light pollution levels and a clear horizon.  These places are named so because more often than not, the galaxy is often visible to the naked eye!  Being in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors, the National Park Centre is the perfect place for star gazing as there are no street lights blocking your view of the beautiful night sky. 

The 'Dark Sky Discovery' is a network of national and local astronomy and open space organisations which help people like you and me to enjoy the amazing night skies!

And now I am out of options to try and tempt you to change your mind a pay this beautiful place a visit!  Even if you have been before, i would recommend that you go again as the displays inside are forever changing, as well new additions being added outside!

Not only is it a beautiful place to go, but it is only a 30-40 minute drive away from Whitby Holiday Park, so you will not be wasting half of your day travelling to this amazing place!


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