Whitby Lifeboat History and Flag Day

The History of Whitby Lifeboat

Whitby has had an operating lifeboat station since 1802, and in 2007 a new building was built to house the inshore lifeboat and the larger all weather lifeboat. There is also training rooms, a galley and an office.

In 1802 Whitby lifeboat station was one of the first to be established. Whitby has had 4 stations, the Old No 1 (west side of Whitby) - this closed in 1934. Upgang station (1865-1919), Whitby No 2 station (east side of Whitby) - which closed in 1954 and the present station in the harbour. 

Whitby has a history of lifeboats that have been stationed here. They are:

Original No 1 Station (west side)
Lucy -                                                       1861-1870
A second Lucy -                                       1870-1871
Renamed Robert Whitworth                    1871-1881
Robert & Mary Ellis -                              1881-1908
Robert & Mary Ellis -                              1908-1934
the station then closed in 1934
Original No 2 Station (east side)
A lifeboat -                                               1861-1872
Hariott Fortheath                                      1872-1879
2nd Hariott Fortheath                               1879-1881
3rd Hariott Fortheath                                1881-1887
Christopher -                                             1887-1895
John Fielden -                                           1895-1914
William Riley of Birmingham                  1919-1931
Jacob & Rachael Vallentine -                    1931-1938
Richard -                                                    1938-1941
renamed Jacob & Rachael Vallentine        1941-1947
Robert and Ellen Robson -                        1947-1959

Present Lifeboat Station
Margaret Harker Smith -                           1919-1938
Mary Ann Hepworth -                              1938-1974
The White Rose of Yorkshire -                 1974-1988
City of Sheffield -                                     1988-1996
George and Mary Webb -                          1996-present
OEM Stone III -                                         present 

Every year the RNLI hold a Flag Weekend which is a fun packed fundraising event for all the family.

there will be a host of stalls, homemade baking, books, tombola and pick a peg.

The Lifeboats will put on a public display for everyone to view, including an air sea rescue display. A Sea King helicopter from RAF Leconfield will take part subject to operational availability.

This years Whitby Flag Weekend is on 30th and 31st July 2016, so if you are staying with us or looking to come and stay then why not choose this weekend and join in the fun weekend!


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