Whitby Holiday Park Book Swap Shop!!

Whitby Holiday Park Book Swap Shop

I don't know about anyone else but I love a good book to read whether i'm on holiday or just in my spare time.

Books can be read in any weather, so if you're lying on the beach or tucked up in your caravan on a wet and windy day, you can open a book and lose yourself in the story line.

In our Launderette you will find a vast array of books to borrow for your stay, so you are bound to find something that takes your fancy!

If you have brought a book with you and you have finished reading it while you are here, why not leave it at the book swap station and pick up another!

We also have jigsaws to borrow if reading isn't something you are interested in.

We try and keep the book swap filled up with new titles, so we all donate our books so that others can get some reading time from them too
If you have any books that you no longer need, bring them along to the Park and we will put them in our Book Swap station. 

So to enjoy a few quiet hours to yourself to relax on your holidays,  enjoy a good book with a nice glass of wine or ice cold long drink! 

Now that I have written about books, its made me think that i will pick my book up this evening for a good read! I'm reading a book my Diana Gabaldon. It's about a lady who visits Scotland and goes back in time when she steps through a stone circle. I'm on book 5 of the series and its kept me quiet for many hours reading it!! Who's your favourite author? Maybe you could recommend an author to other book lovers!


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