Fundraising for a Fantastic Cause


Throughout the year we hold several raffles to help raise vital funds for a much needed service.  As we live in an area that is not always easily accessible by road, the Great North Air Ambulance is a service we could not do without!
The North Yorkshire Moors with its rugged landscape and hidden nooks and crannies, is very popular with walkers who like to hike along the various footpaths that can be found hidden amongst the heather and farm land.  If something was to happen whilst out on one of these routes, a normal ambulance would be unable to reach them.  This is where the vital service that the Great North Air Ambulance provides comes in.  As they are able to land in most places, the Air Ambulances can not only get closer to the patient, they also get there within minutes (which can be the difference between life or death!)

We held our first raffle at Easter, when the park was nice and full.  To get people to buy tickets we had a nice big Thorntons' Easter Egg as one of the main prizes.  Everybody wanted to win this (and I don't blame them!).  We also had a big cuddly teddy bear  for which you had to guess the name.  This went down a treat with both young and old a like.

We have another raffle planned for over Spring Bank Holiday weekend when we are also having a party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday.
We have lots of exciting prizes waiting to be won so make sure you come along and join in the fun.  There will also be party dances and fancy dress going on for all the family, followed by an amazing visiting cabaret act on the night time.  All money raised on this day will be going straight to the Great North Air Ambulance, along with that raised from our first raffle and also from another raffle that we will be holding later on in the year.

As stated earlier, living where we do, on the cliffs of the North East Coast of England, surrounded by the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, we would be at a loss without a service like this.

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