I love my life on a holiday park with my mum and dad.
It's amazing and never get time to be board, lots and lots to do and see.
I suppose me and my brother Dobby are very lucky to live at Whitby Holiday Park

We even live right next to the beach  and gives us the freedom to gallop around.  We get lots of people who come on their holidays here and they bring their fury friends with them as well and we meet up with them on the beach or in the fields.  Saltwick Bay is the perfect place for us and the walk to Robin Hoods Bay is brilliant across the fields.  My brother dobby loves to spot a rabbit or too and give it the chase, but he has never caught one yet.

A holiday park is certainly the life for me and I'm sure you will all enjoy it as well.  Certainly beats going into kennels. We have some lovely dog friendly caravans you can all stay in and our mum even puts a little treat and a blanket in for you.

I love to sit in the window watching everyone come and go on their holidays.  The best part of living on a holiday park is when all the campers start lighting the BBQ's, the smells are to die for and certainly get my mouth watering.  I start jumping around hoping my dad takes us out for a walk and hopefully we might get the odd sausage or rib from some of our customers.  It's great to see all the families together enjoying their holiday.

If you are very lucky you might get the chance to go into our club for a drink instead of been left behind.

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