Get Ready !!!Goth Week End April 22-24th

Goth Weekend Returns 22-24th April 2016
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Whether your here to participate or just to view the amazing sites get yourself and your pet ready for this amazing festival.

Once again this festival of celebration of the alternative world comes to Whitby.
Whitby's Magical Abbey the back drop to this celebration .
Its links to the darkness inspiring Bram Stoker's Dracula brings followers back year after year.
Whether you whole life is embraced by the alternative world or you have come to embrace this with others, get yourself (and your pets) ready and join in this amazing weekend.

Get Yourself down and whether you fully embrace the weekend with the amazing music and activities or just enjoy the atmosphere you wont be disappointed.

"Always knew my love of black had a place and Whitby Goth Weekend is my new heaven"

That is  Me joining in last Year !! See you there!!

Book at Whitby Holiday Park early if you want to enjoy the next Goth Weekend . Or if the atmosphere is too busy in the town get the kids dressed up and have a night of your own celebrating in our club house.

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