It's Time to Have Some Fun........

It's Time To Play..........

Well, it's finally here!!! Our new play park is ready and waiting for all you children (unfortunately no big kids, yes that is aimed at all you adults who feel like big kids!) to come and have a go.  There's all sorts for you to do from swings and slides,to a water pump and sand pit.

There's normal swings and big tyre swings, so you can have a go at both if you're feeling brave enough.   As you can see in this picture, there is even a little net swing for the smaller children to have a go on.  At least they'll have a soft landing as it is based in our new big sand pit!

Next to that we have a big climbing frame which has some buckets attached to it so you can bring the sand up and pour it down the shoots from the top of the tower.

Behind these there is a rope walkway leading from the top part of the park to the sand pit at the bottom.  So if you are feeling brave enough you can walk down (or up) to get from one section to the other.  Just make sure you hold on to the hand ropes!!

 At the bottom of this rope walkway, (just hiding out of site in this picture) there is a water pump!  Yes that's right.  We have a water pump in the sand pit where you can watch the water flow through the little maze of shoots before disappearing back into the ground.

This picture shows the top part of the play park.  As you can see there are normal swings for those who aren't as adventurous and don't want to try the big tyre swings.

Here you can see the start (or finish) of the rope walkway (that was mentioned previously) connecting the top and bottom areas.

In the middle of this picture is a wooden board which spins round the big metal pole that goes straight through the middle of the board.  Just make sure you trust the person that spins you round!  With it being low to the ground you could walk yourself round with one foot on the board and one foot pushing off the ground.

You can also see a big wooden tower structure in the background on the left.  Hidden under the deck of the tower is a ladder which you can climb to the top.  Here you will get some fantastic views out over the park and across the north sea, looking out over towards Whitby.  You will also get some amazing views of the Abbey too.  From this platform you can either go back down the ladder or you can go down the slide!  I'm sure all we will be hearing in the office is the screams of weeeeee as the kids go down the slide!

And then we have this low level wooden structure for the smaller kids (and for those who don't like heights!) With two little hide outs, one at each end this is great for the little ones to run (or walk) from one end to the other.  They can then have a rest in the little huts at each end.  If they get bored of that, there is always the little boat that leads off this little run way.  This boat does move around so a little bit of adult supervision will be required.  With a gentle push it will almost be like they are out floating on the north sea!

With a littlle bit of imagination the kids can have a great adventure in this new play park.  The little boat that swings could be a pirate ship where they are trying to escape from chasing ships and make it to land with all their treasure.  The big tower can be a look out tower where they can post sentries to be on the look out for invading ships.  The rope walkway could be the only way to get across a shark or crocodile infested river......and that's just me getting started!!!

This play park is just waiting for imaginations to run wild and for memories to be made.  We hope that every child that visits Whitby Holiday Park in 2016 and the years to come enjoys every moment of their time that they spend on it and in it!  We are looking forward to hearing all the amazing stories that are yet to be told about the wonderful adventures that have been had on this amazing new play park.

Don't forget to pop into the office to let us know what you think whilst you are visiting us!  We would love to hear all of your feed back on the park.

Not long now until we open.......just another couple of weeks before you can come along and enjoy this wonderful playground!


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