Check out our Bug Hotel!!

Check out our Bug Hotel

Above is an image of how a Bug Hotel looks and this is similar to our Bug Hotel that we are building ready for 2016 season!

With lots of wildlife everywhere you turn we thought with being a Holiday Park we would cater for the wildlife visitors too!!

We have tried to provide habitat sections for the varied species of wildlife you would find on a holiday park or garden. 

We have started to fill ours with bark and twigs for the beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice to live in. We have left room for larger animals such as hedgehogs to use as their new home! 

By providing the right homes for the wildlife, we are then trying to encourage them to breed and increase their numbers for those animals and insects etc that are declining in the countryside.

We have built ours on a bank side, so that it is protected from the elements but easy enough for the wildlife to get to to build their new home! 

We have also got in our plans to plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers and plants to encourage them to pollinate and provide a happy environment for them to live in. The preferred flowers to plant for bees are: Purple Flowers such as lavender and buddleja. Tubular flowers are also another favourite with bees are: foxgloves, honeysuckle and snapdragons.

The best flowers to plant in Spring are: bluebells, daffodils, hawthorn and rosemary and other flowers that are similar. Early Summer flowers to plant are:   fennel, foxglove and hardy geranium. For ideas for Late Summer flower planting try: aster, buddleja, dahlia, fuchsia and lavender. The idea behind planting at different times of the year is to have enough pollen for the young to feed on and enough nectar for the adult bees to feed on throughout their life cycle between March and September.

So when you come and stay with us come and have a look at our Bug Hotel and see all the lovely Bee and Butterfly friendly flowers and plants we have planted. 

You might even try and have a go at home! If you do then why not send in a photo of your Bug Hotel or Bee friendly flowers and we will gladly add it to our Facebook page and Twitter page! 

Good luck and have fun in the garden!

Claire :-)

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