Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

Why not take part in the Big Garden Bird watch! 

you can take part by requesting your free pack from

Lots of families and bird lovers will be counting how many different birds they see in their gardens between 30 and 31st January 2016 

My favourite bird is the Robin! What's your favourite?

Why don't you have a day bird watching while you stay here with us here at Whitby Holiday Park! With plenty of sea birds as well as garden birds to spot you can call into the Family Club and enter onto our animals spotted sheet what you managed to see on your bird watching adventure! 

Don't just stop at bird watching! Why not see what else you can spot on your travels for the day! 

You may be surprised and see an animal that you don't get to see every day!

You can also try and photograph the animals too so that you can show your friends when you get home! 

So when you come on holiday don't forget to bring your camera!

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