Exciting and tempting treats for all in our new look shop and cafe...............................

Exciting and tempting treats for all in our new look shop and cafe...............................

On the cliff tops of Whitby nestled in the heart of our Holiday Park you will be able to fill your bellies with home cooked, locally sourced tasty food this season.

Lee, Carla and their team will be bringing you exciting and tasty food at affordable prices throughout your stay.

Taking on both the Shop and Cafe, they are hoping to bring you a selection of both locally and regionally sourced products alongside some tempting home made produce.

In the shop they shall be offering a fabulous range of deli products including fresh produce from the award winning butchers Radfords of Sleights.  There will also be a carefully chosen range of fresh produce and groceries from some of North Yorkshire's finest suppliers including the cheeses from The Shepards Purse, locally sourced free range eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables from Taylors of Pickering, freshly baked breads from a selection of our local bakers, home mad jams and chutneys from local producers alongside a selection of tempting cakes, wherever possible made in house.

Their well stocked shop will offer you everything you need from bread, milk and other store cupboard essentials to gifts, treats and that little something extra, for that special occasion.  They will also be offering daily newspapers and a section especially for tourers.

The cafe will will be offering an exciting range of fresh local produce too!

Retro is back!! They are bringing the basket meal bang up to date at an affordable price for all.

Look forward to tasty bites such as BBQ Chicken wings, marinated in their home made BBQ sauce, Maple and Mustard sausages, Fish Goujons, Hot Dogs, Burgers and many more.  All will be served with French Fries and their tasty home made coleslaw.  Basket meals will be served in the bar or available for take away from the cafe, alongside a variety of freshly made sandwiches from their black board.  Pop in regularly to see what tasty flavours will be on offer.

Can't wait until lunch??

Why not treat yourself to breakfast??

Choose from a Full English, a Vegetarian Breakfast, a selection of tasty breakfast butties or if you're feeling adventurous, why not try their Yorkshire Breakfast - 3 slices of smoked bacon, 2 cumberland sausages, 2 slices of triangular black pudding, 2 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, a grilled tomato, beans and mushrooms - finished off with a round of toast and a freshley brewed cup of Yorkshire Tea or a cup of freshly ground coffee.

All their dishes will be available for takeaway too!!

Stay tuned for more details as they settle in....................  

Check out our Bug Hotel!!

Check out our Bug Hotel

Above is an image of how a Bug Hotel looks and this is similar to our Bug Hotel that we are building ready for 2016 season!

With lots of wildlife everywhere you turn we thought with being a Holiday Park we would cater for the wildlife visitors too!!

We have tried to provide habitat sections for the varied species of wildlife you would find on a holiday park or garden. 

We have started to fill ours with bark and twigs for the beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice to live in. We have left room for larger animals such as hedgehogs to use as their new home! 

By providing the right homes for the wildlife, we are then trying to encourage them to breed and increase their numbers for those animals and insects etc that are declining in the countryside.

We have built ours on a bank side, so that it is protected from the elements but easy enough for the wildlife to get to to build their new home! 

We have also got in our plans to plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers and plants to encourage them to pollinate and provide a happy environment for them to live in. The preferred flowers to plant for bees are: Purple Flowers such as lavender and buddleja. Tubular flowers are also another favourite with bees are: foxgloves, honeysuckle and snapdragons.

The best flowers to plant in Spring are: bluebells, daffodils, hawthorn and rosemary and other flowers that are similar. Early Summer flowers to plant are:   fennel, foxglove and hardy geranium. For ideas for Late Summer flower planting try: aster, buddleja, dahlia, fuchsia and lavender. The idea behind planting at different times of the year is to have enough pollen for the young to feed on and enough nectar for the adult bees to feed on throughout their life cycle between March and September.

So when you come and stay with us come and have a look at our Bug Hotel and see all the lovely Bee and Butterfly friendly flowers and plants we have planted. 

You might even try and have a go at home! If you do then why not send in a photo of your Bug Hotel or Bee friendly flowers and we will gladly add it to our Facebook page and Twitter page! 

Good luck and have fun in the garden!

Claire :-)


Flash Floods and Community Spirit

There's nothing like a local or national disaster to bring a town or country together.  And that is one thing that we can say that happened over the 2015 Christmas and New Year period.

Unlike some areas of the country, little old Whitby situated high up on the cliffs, managed to escape mostly unharmed.  However, there were a couple of nights in the early part of January where some areas did experience some flooding.  And at one point all the roads leading into Whitby were closed.  No one could get in and no one could get out!

This however did not dampen the spirits of those who were unfortunately affected by the torrential rain which was consistent for well over a week.  There were people out in droves sweeping pavements and roads to stop the water entering houses; there were people out filling sandbags and any other bags they could find to put up against door ways and anything else they could think of to stop the water getting in!

However, some places weren't so fortunate.
As you can see Homebase and it's car park were one of the unlucky ones.  The car park had just about disappeared under the water and unfortunately some water had also got inside the store.  What this picture doesn't show is that the main road from Scarborough, which is just in front of Homebase was also under water stopping people getting in and out of Whitby.

Something which was not expected was the amount of local BandB owners who offered room for anyone affected by the flooding at no cost for as long as needed.

It is nice to see that in a time of crisis everyone pulls together, not matter what age, or part of society that they come from.  It just goes to show that we are all in it together and can pull together and work as one big team helping each other out.

And it wasn't just here in Whitby where this went on.   It happened to all thos who suffered in Cumbria, York, Leeds, Manchester and any where else that suffered (some places more than others) from the torrential floods at a time when everyone should have been celebrating.

Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

Why not take part in the Big Garden Bird watch! 

you can take part by requesting your free pack from www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch

Lots of families and bird lovers will be counting how many different birds they see in their gardens between 30 and 31st January 2016 

My favourite bird is the Robin! What's your favourite?

Why don't you have a day bird watching while you stay here with us here at Whitby Holiday Park! With plenty of sea birds as well as garden birds to spot you can call into the Family Club and enter onto our animals spotted sheet what you managed to see on your bird watching adventure! 

Don't just stop at bird watching! Why not see what else you can spot on your travels for the day! 

You may be surprised and see an animal that you don't get to see every day!

You can also try and photograph the animals too so that you can show your friends when you get home! 

So when you come on holiday don't forget to bring your camera!