Homemade Christmas Decorations and Gifts


If you are like me and love to get a bit creative with ideas for the home or for gifts for friends and family, then you make like to above picture of homemade Christmas Tree Decorations! Above is just an idea of making a Christmas tree decoration from felt and buttons! Its quite simple really! Other tree decorations you could make are snowmen, robins, candy canes, angels, snowflakes and probably lots of other ideas!! 

There are lots of other ideas for Christmas decorations such as decoration old light bulbs with paint to create a snow scene or fireplace scene. You can use old jam jars (cleaned and sterilised of course!) to make snowglobes or you can make a present by adding your friends or family members favourite things, such as their favourite sweets or chocolate, or by making a sewing kit and the jar is the box to contain everything. You can also use the jars but layering all the ingredients for say gingerbread men inside and then tying a tag to the lid with the instructions or how to make the gingerbread men and cooking guidelines! 

There are lots of ideas out there for making your own decorations. I think its a lovely idea as it makes the decoration or gift unique and it shows that some thought and time/effort has been put into it. It also can help the environment as you can recycle items that you would generally throw away!

i generally find my inspiration on Pinterest or other arts and crafts websites. You don't even have to stick to a Chrsitmas theme! You could find something to make to decorate your Holiday Home or touring caravan/motorhome with! 

Hope you all have a go at making something for Christmas as it can involve the whole family and give you all something to do on a rainy day!


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