War Weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors

If you're anything like me, and love your history, particularly anything to do with either the First World War or the Second World War, then the War Weekend along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a must on your to do list!

This year the event is on from Friday 16th October until Sunday 18th October.

If you didn't want to travel to Pickering by car, you can just as easily jump on the train at Whitby, where the excitement and entertainment begins.

You will find that as you walk through Whitby some of the shops, pubs and tea rooms are all decorated in 1940's style.

Once on board the train, you'll find that as you start to pass through all the villages, there is more and more places taking part with decorations and music.

However, the main attraction is in Pickering.  Once you step off that train it is like being transported back in time to the 1940's.  The whole town has been transformed!  Some places even go as far as putting the tape on the windows!

Everyone gets dressed up and everywhere you turn there is either a soldier or an evacuee all in 1940's regalia.

There is even outdoor entertainment from dancing to music and singing with songs from the era to get you all in the mood!

They also have a parade, which includes everyone that takes part in the weekend, which goes round the town, bringing everything to a stand still.

It really is something not to be missed, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone, not just history buffs!  You will not be disappointed!!

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