Homemade Halloween Decorations

Homemade Halloween Decorations

If you are looking for something different to do this year to keep the children entertained over Half Term, why not have a go at making some of these easy to make home made Halloween decorations.

It is a great way to decorate the house and garden whilst also keeping the children out of mischief!

You can do almost anything from the traditional carvings on pumpkins to something a bit different like painting your pumpkin a different colour and turning it into a ghost or witch!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Why not have a go at making these brilliant bats and ghosts to hang from your lights.  They are really easy to make.

For the Bats, all you need is some empty egg cartons, black paint, some googly eyes, orange ribbon and some glue.

Firstly you will need to cut up your egg cartons so that you have three cups together.  
Once you have got as many as you want, you will need to cut the bottoms to make them look like bat wings.  
Once you have done that you will then need to paint them black.  After the paint has dried you will need to glue on some eyes and attach some orange ribbon.  Once the glue has dried you can then hang them from the lights inside, or if you are using them outside, you can hang them from the trees.

For the Ghosts, all you need is some big leaves that look like ghosts, white paint and a black marker pen.

First you will need to paint all of your leaves white.  Once the paint has dried just draw on some eyes and a mouth and either stick them to the windows or doors, or attach some ribbon to them and hang them with your bats.

Or, why not try doing something a bit different and decorate your stairs with these brilliant Mice decorations.

These must be one of the easiest decorations to make.  All you need is some black card and something to stick them down with, maybe some blue tack or double sided sticky tape.

You can either draw your own mice or find a template to use and draw round.  Cut out as many as you need, and possible an archway to use as a hole for them to get in or out of the stairs. 

Once you have cut them out all you need to do is stick them down so it looks like they have either just come out of the holes, or are climbing up the stairs.

This will be enough to scare anyone, particularly if they are not fond of these particular little furry creatures!

Are you fed up of throwing away the inner tubes of toilet rolls and kitchen towels??  Ever wondered if there could be another use for them?? Have you ever thought about using them for Halloween decorations??  No, I didn't think so.  This year why not get creative and have a go at making these creepy looking eyes.  

All you need is the inner tube of a toilet roll or kitchen towel ( or you could also use the tube from wrapping paper) some glow sticks and some duct tape.

Once you have the tubes to your desired length, draw on some scary looking eyes and then cut out any bits that you need to.  Once you have done that all you need to do is put in some glow sticks, (but make sure they are all the same colour) and cover then ends with duct tape. Don't forget to snap the glow sticks to make them glow.  You would probably be better making these just as it starts to get dark to get the full effect.

Then just hide them in the bushes!

These are just a few examples of easy to make Halloween decorations for kids of all ages and is a great way to keep the kids entertained in the days leading up to Halloween.


Knitting Blankets & Hats for Premature Babies

Knitting Blankets & Hats for Premature Babies

I love to knit and crochet in my free time - even though I'm not overly good at it!!

One of my friends gave me the idea of knitting blankets for the special care baby unit at one of the local hospitals in the area. 

I rang the hospital and they explained to me that blankets and hats etc have to be knitted in plain knitting with no holes or fancy  patterns as the babies can get their fingers and toes caught up the holes. 
The perfect size to knit the blankets is to the size of a tea towel. 

If you go to the following website you can find all the preemie patterns for blankets etc:


You can find every pattern going from blankets to booties/mittens to cardigans.

Not only do the special care baby units need these items but also the paramedics urgently require blankets for when they get called out to women in labour and sometimes they don't make it to hospital in time so they need fresh clean warm blankets for the babies to be wrapped up in until they to reach hospital.

If you like knitting and would like to knit some blankets or cardigans while you are here on holiday, then you can always drop them off with me in Reception and i can forward them onto the local hospital special care baby unit at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough


War Weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors

If you're anything like me, and love your history, particularly anything to do with either the First World War or the Second World War, then the War Weekend along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a must on your to do list!

This year the event is on from Friday 16th October until Sunday 18th October.

If you didn't want to travel to Pickering by car, you can just as easily jump on the train at Whitby, where the excitement and entertainment begins.

You will find that as you walk through Whitby some of the shops, pubs and tea rooms are all decorated in 1940's style.

Once on board the train, you'll find that as you start to pass through all the villages, there is more and more places taking part with decorations and music.

However, the main attraction is in Pickering.  Once you step off that train it is like being transported back in time to the 1940's.  The whole town has been transformed!  Some places even go as far as putting the tape on the windows!

Everyone gets dressed up and everywhere you turn there is either a soldier or an evacuee all in 1940's regalia.

There is even outdoor entertainment from dancing to music and singing with songs from the era to get you all in the mood!

They also have a parade, which includes everyone that takes part in the weekend, which goes round the town, bringing everything to a stand still.

It really is something not to be missed, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone, not just history buffs!  You will not be disappointed!!