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I love to read a good book! My favourite Authors are James Patterson, Charlaine Harris and Diana Gabaldon! A very diverse set of Authors from Crime to Vampires to a woman who steps back in time through a Stone Circle!! 
At present I am reading one of Diana Gabaldon's books about a woman who in the 1940's steps through a Stone Circle in Scotland back in time to the 1740's in the midst of the Jacobite Rising and just before the Battle of Culloden. She falls in love with James Fraser, the nephew of the Laird of Leoch who keeps her in his castle as in her own time she worked in the medical profession. This series has 8 books at present with Diana Gabaldon writing the 9th book as we speak! 
James Patterson's books are quite an easy read book with chapters being around 4-5 pages long! A great read is the womens murder club series starting with a book call the "1st to Die". Lindsay Boxer, the dectective on a case of newlyweds getting murdered joins forces with Cindy Thomas (reporter), Claire Washburn (medical examiner) and Jill Bernhardt (the lawyer) and they form the womens murder club to solve cases. At present there are 14 books in the series. 
I also like to read the Nightingale Nurses saga! I have a couple of these books and they are a good read as they remind me of the "Call the Midwife" series on TV!

Having a Book Swap on Park is brilliant as once i have read my books i can then pass them on to other people to read! 
So if you have any good books that you can recommend then please pop into Reception and let me know the titles of the books!

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