Today is the perfect weather for exploring the beach at Saltwick Bay. It is not to cold or hot so I decided to venture onto the beach for a spot of winkling. There is lots to explore while on the beach like rock pools, picking winkles, finding crabs, searching for fossils and not forgetting looking for the famous Whitby jet.
I found a huge winkle and cannot wait till they are boiled so I can sit in front of the TV and eat them with vinegar. Many people from Whitby say they look like bogies but they taste great! And it’s all part of the fun searching for them on the beach but I will leave it up to you to come and try for yourselves.
Image result for winklesWhitby Holiday Park it the ideal place to be if you’re looking for a fun filled packed holiday with many adventures and areas to explore! If you’re like me and cannot keep away from the beach it is only a 5 minute walk down to the beach where you can spend all day exploring as long as the tide doesn’t catch up to you!!
Freddie my dog loves to come on the beach with me winkling and exploring the rock pools, only trouble is he hates the shower after!! So it is well worth bearing in mind we are also a pet friendly park so not only you but your animals car have a great holiday to remember to!!!  
I have only been working on park for a few months now, but I’m loving every minute and cannot wait to see you all this coming season!! Let hope you will enjoy the winkles as much as I do!! And most important don’t forget your buckets and spades! 


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