We need all the water we can save at no costs especially at this time of year to water our plants.

Have you thought about getting a water butt?

You could put it at the bottom of your garden or even on your decking of your holiday homes, caravans etc.

Every time it rains you will capture the rain and recycle onto your plants into the garden on those dry periods.  It saves time on having to get the hose pipes out.

Types of Water Butts:

There are several types of water butt available in the UK
It is important to note that this water should only be used for watering plants and not for filling paddling pools or water toys, these need a clean supply of treated water as there is a danger of untreated water being swallowed with the health risks that this implies.

We have got the gold award for the David Bellamy at Whitby Holiday Park and this all helps towards us getting the same this year and also helps you save on money and time.
Why not give it a try.

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Sue Robey

Whitby Holiday Park

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