New Reception

So after what seemed like a very long winter spent in a portakabin, we are now finally in our new reception! We have been in four weeks now and we are still unpacking!

As you can see, the outside of the office has changed quite a bit.  The door has now been moved to the middle of the building, and has two big push/pull doors, for easy access.  We have also had a porch added on to give you a bit of shelter from the various weather conditions that you will find can creep upon us!

But it is not just the outside that has changed!  Inside has had a revamp too!  We've gone from three separate offices to one, nice big open plan office, with a separate sales office!
You, the customer now have plenty of room to come and check in, and if myself, Claire and Beth (our new receptionist) are all busy, we now have a nice comfy leather sofa and chair for you to make use of whilst you wait.


We have also recently installed a life saving piece of equipment into the office, which we hope we will never have to use!  You will find the new defibrillator situated on the wall
 just to the left as you walk in to reception.

So if you would like to come and see the magnificent new reception call the office today to book yourselves in for a stay, or just jump in the car and come and have a look around!

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