The Centenary of the Rohilla

The Centenary of the Rohilla

31st October 2014 will mark the centenary of the sinking of the Rohilla just off Saltwick Bay.

The Rohilla was a hospital ship which was bound for Dunkirk to pick up the wounded soldiers. With heavy seas the Rohilla was knocked off course sending it towards the rocks and cliffs. A couple of hours later the Rohilla broke in two. 

The Whitby Lifeboat the "John Fielden" was launched to help in the rescue of the the passengers on board. Local trawlers also came to the aid of the Lifeboat. Boats, Lifeboats and trawlers from around the North East coast came to hep with the final boat to finish off the rescue coming from Tynemouth. 

Of the 220 people onboard 146 were saved. 

So this week here in Whitby there will be a memorial plaque unveiled, rowing and rescue demo, flotilla of boats and a wreath will be laid out at sea along with and evening concert with a Service of Remembrance.

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