Autumn is the time of year where you will find plenty of berries, fruits, nuts and seeds. The leaves change colour and some birds arrive and others leave on migration, while animals get ready for the cold weather.

There are often some spectacular sunsets in Autumn and Whitby Holiday Park is a great location to see them!

With an abundance of blackberries, rose hips, crab apples, hazel nuts and seeds for all the many wildlife species to take advantage of so that they can build up their reserves of fat for migration or for hibernation.

The top things to do in Autumn are:
1. Go Blackberrying
2. Gather conkers and sweet chestnuts
3. Make a woodpile habitat.

If you are at a loose end on one of your days here, why not make a day of walking around the local woodland where you may see the local habitat foraging for food such as fruit and seeds so that they can take them away to add to their stockpile for the winter months ahead.

So don't forget your wellies, just in case the weather turns to a few showers! That way you are well prepared for all weather!!

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