Pannett Park

Pannett Park

History of Pannett Park

Robert Elliott Pannett bought the land which was to become Pannett Park in 1902. It was then used mainly for orchards, market gardens and nurseries. 

Mr Pannett spent many years trying to persuade Whitby Council to make this into a park which he thought would benefit the local people and visitors. He thought that there needed to be a place where it was sheltered from sea winds where everyone could enjoy fresh air and its beautiful grounds with trees, flowers and plants. The Council weren't willing to finance this proposed project and it wasn't until Mr Pannett died that anything was done.

He set up Trust to create the park and art gallery, so that it could display his art and other collections.

Over the 70+ years since it was first designed, Pannett Park, as was the case with lots of public parks, less and less resources were spent on the up keep of the park. With the new millenium the Park was looking neglected, so The Friends of Pannett Park was formed in 2005 with the aim to make a bid for a grant to be used in the Parks restoration.

Gardening for Wildlife

Pannett Park is a great place for wildlife. Within its 3.3 hectares you will find woodland areas, open parkland, hedges, mixed borders and wild flower embankments. All of these provide food, shelter and nesting sites.

Gardening in the park is done to enhance the environment and protect wildlife. Healthy plants need healthy soil, and compost bins are provided in the Community Garden, so that the organic matter collected can be added to the soil. Any fallen timber is used to build log piles. This is done by the local Scouts and Cubs, to enable all size mammals and invertebrates to breed and provide shelter for them.

Nest boxes are found throughout the park. There are traditional ones for hole nesters like blue, great, coal tits. Open fronted ones for robins and blackbirds, and some for tree creepers. These nesting boxes are checked regularly. Bat boxes are installed high in the pine trees too!

To celebrate what Mr Pannett did for the local people and visitors by donating this wonderful park there is going to be a Pannett Day to be held on Wednesday 26th August with a picnic in the park between 11am and 3pm

With the new play park open you can bring your little ones for a day at the park with lots to see and do!


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