This angling festival is held numerous times throughout the year. There are 3 in the year, one in Spring, one in Summer and one in Autumn.

The Spring festival is held between April 5th - 20th.

Regular anglers know the importance of planning their tide and booking with a top skipper well in advance. 
Keen fishermen come from far and wide to take part as there are some great prizes to be had!
There is a prize of £1000.00 in cash for the the heaviest fish as well as daily prizes, plus good 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes.

Magpie Cafe in Whitby is the new sponsor for 2014 for the early fishing festivals.

Whitby Holiday Park makes the perfect place to stay as we are only 1 mile from the town centre along the Cleveland Way path that leads from the Park to Whitby Abbey. It's then a short but scenic walk down the 199 steps at the church taking in the views over the harbour and west side of the town.

With the Magpie Cafe being the new sponsor of the festivals this year, it would be rude not to visit and sample some of their mouthwatering fish specialties.

With this fish restaurant being know throughout North Yorkshire and beyond it is best to ring and reserve a table to avoid the long queues of waiting diners!

All in all if fishing is your hobby and you are interested in coming to Whitby to see what the festival entails, then why not tie in a brilliant holiday here with us at Whitby Holiday Park.

To check prices and availability and to take advantage of our Early booking discount of 10% off accommodation stays if you book before 1st February, then give our office a call on 01947 602664

We look forward to hearing from you all soon with your enquiries.

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