GIZMO & DOBBY - Dog friendly holidays


Not heard from me for a while have you?

I've been busy trying to control my new brother Dobby and teaching his some manners and how to behave in the office.  When my brother first arrived he was called Blade but mum and dad changed his name because he looks like Dobby of Harry Potter.

My mums been getting really cross with him because he jumps up at the office girls and tries to bite their bottoms.  He steels all my toys all the time so I chase him away and bite his legs.

Have you all seen my photo in the new Coastdale Parks brochure and website? Uncle Chris from Head Office used me as a model and I was so pleased.

Mum's been buying lots of treats but we can't have them because they are for all our other fury friends who come and stay at Whitby Holiday Park.

We miss you all as we walk along the cliff tops because you have all gone home for the Winter.  The only thing we can watch is the ships passing bye on the sea.  The views are stunning and we love to go onto the beach for a gallop around.

Make sure you all get your mum's and dad's to book early so you don't miss out.  Can't wait to see you all again and we cant meet up while we are out walking.

Oh no I have just heard my mum on the phone booking me in for a hair cut and a bath, errrr!!!!!  My brother is lucky because he doesn't have to get his hair cut.

Don't forget to ask about the dog show we will be doing again this year.  It was great fun last year and their was lots of treats to be won.

Well time for my afternoon nap now so hope to see you all soon.

Lick Lick

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