Dog Show

The owners and holiday makers had a lovely day today at the dog show here at Whitby Holiday Park.  The show is getting bigger each year as everyone joins in the fun.  Even the dog's that come on holiday love it racing round the track jumping and leaping around.

Gizmo and Blade just looked and wanted to join in but Mum  wouldn't allow them because they are part of the staff Ha.  We love to make sure all pets have an enjoyable holiday with us hoping that they will return again.

All the owner's regular dogs that are always on Park love the day and think it is a day they can all get together and be naughty.

Everyone is welcome to come and join in and you never know you might even get a run round the track yourselves. That would be fun to see.

Well it's time to get ready for the fun/sales day tomorrow, bouncy castles, stalls, games, Tony Junior with comedy magic.  Let the day begin and hope you all can come.

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