Lucky Ducks in Whitby!!


While you are here staying with us at Whitby Holiday Park why not take a trip into town. The one present you must treat yourself to is a Lucky Duck!

Lucky Ducks are small hand-made glass ducks in various transparent colours and Weatherwise Lucky Ducks with a special coating that changes colour to indicate the weather, have been made and sold by Whitby Glass for over 50 years.

Whitby Glass is a small group of artists and craftsmen working in glass here in the North-East. The Lucky Ducks come in twelve jewel-like colours which match the gemstones considered lucky for each month of the year.

Originally Lucky Ducks were first made for friends in the theatrical professions who always carry an amulet or charm with them on stage or in front of the cameras.

Just pop into the Whitby Glass Shop on Sandgate on the East Side of Whitby and you might be lucky enough to see them getting made.

Why not get a Lucky Duck for all your friends and family and just see what luck that they bring you! 


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