His Name Is Blade...

Hello Everyone,

My new brother has finally arrived to live with us and his name is Blade.

He is naughty and he keeps steeling all my toys and trying to jump in my bed.  I soon put him back in his palce and chase him away.  He just turns round and slaps me in my face with his paw.

He is a little wippet and he can run very fast when I chase him.

He loves it here at Whitby Holiday Park because we are a dog friendly site and lots of people bring their dogs on holiday and they come and see me in the office.  He will get to meet people when he walks round the park, hope we get a few nibbles to eat.  That's another thing when my mum feeds us he always comes over to my bowl to eat my food and not his own.  Mmmmm not sure if it is a good idea having a new brother after all.

Well I'll let you all know how we get on.

Bye for now and lots of LICKS


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