Bank Holiday Weekend Fun and Games

With the last Bank Holiday of the year (apart from Christmas!) on its way, we have all sorts of fun and games planned for children of all ages, and yes that includes all you adults too!!

For those of you arriving on the Friday, I’m sure Dean, our in house entertainer, will have all sorts of wonderful things planned for you to do in the club.  I’ve no doubt he’ll start the evening with that ever important game of bingo that you all love so much!  And that includes the bingo for children.  I’m sure Dean will have you all up and dancing to his party dances, and I’m aiming that at the adults, as well as the children!  All you have to do is do exactly as Dean does, so make sure you watch him very carefully!!

Then it’s time for the adults to be entertained.  I’m not sure exactly what games he has planned for you so you will have to turn up to find out!

Then we come to Saturday, where Whitby Holiday Park is holding it’s very own version of CRUFTS!!   Now I know Gizmo and Blade in the office are getting very excited about this, (although they are not allowed to enter) as they both cannot wait to see which of their many friends are going to be entering the competition and which ones will win each class.  There will be all sorts of classes ranging from the naughtiest doggie, to the most well behaved, to the one that looks most like its owner!  So make sure you pop into the office or give us a ring on 01947 602664 before Saturday 23rd to get your dog registered as late entrants may not be accepted on the day.  Plus, it also depends on the weather so fingers crossed that the sun is going to shine all day.

Why not end the day in the Club House where Dean will once again be entertaining everyone before the main performance of the night by a visiting cabaret act.  And don’t forget the bingo, he’ll make sure that someone wins that full house!

Then we come to Sunday, when we will be having a Fun/ Sales day.  There will be several stalls selling all sorts of things from books and dvds, to little nick nacks and ornaments.  Most of the money raised from this will be going towards a charity which is close to several people on the park.  Sue, the manager, will be out there all day with a stall set up with all the information you could possibly want to know on owing a caravan here at Whitby Holiday Park.  Plus there will be plenty of information available for all you owners on site who are thinking about upgrading!!  Why not ask Sue to have a look around the two caravans we have on site for sale at the moment, she will be happy to take you round and answer any questions you have.  Dean will also be around all day with plenty of fun games and activities to keep the kids entertained for all of, well most of the day.  As long as the weather is nice he’ll be outside on the green, and if your lucky he might even tire them out for you so you can have a nice, quiet, relaxing evening because the kids have gone to bed early!

And although Dean has had a busy day, why not go and see him in the club again tonight to round of what will be a very fun filled and entertaining weekend!

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