Geoff celebrating his 73rd birthday here at Whitby Holiday Park.
Geoff is a loyal hard working touring warden here and will help out at anytime of day or night.  He started  coming here with his tourer years ago with his family when they were young and he as never left apart from the winter period when we are closed.  All the customers have got to know him over the years and his caravan door is always open to help anyone who needs it day or night.  When customers return each year they always ask if he is still here and I say yes he is like part of the funiture.

He never fails to come into work smiling and nothing is ever a problem to him.  He is a big part of the team.

Bank Holiday Madness

Well that’s another Bank Holiday over and done with!! And what a fun packed one it was!!

The weekend got underway with a visiting cabaret act on Friday night, which according to everyone who was in the club, was very good!!

Then on Saturday we had our very own version of Crufts!  We were not sure if it was going to go ahead at the start of the day as the weather wasn’t very nice, but thankfully the rain held off and the mist cleared up a bit so that it could go ahead.  And what a show it was!!  Loads of you turned up, despite the weather, and fun was had by all, as you can see from Blade and Gizmos joint blog!

Saturday was rounded off with yet another good visiting cabaret act in the club, along with Dean and his party dances.  He was also selling those all important raffle tickets for our raffle for the Great North Air Ambulance, which was drawn on Sunday.

Well Sunday eventually came and there was a lot of excitement on the park for our Fun / Sales day.  8.30 am and the two bouncy castles arrived, (which got all the staff excited as we’re all big kids at heart!), but Sue was firm and said that we were not allowed on them as they were there for all you visiting and stopping on the park.  Once the bouncy castles were set up and ready to go, the maintenance lads were on with bringing out the tables for the table top sale, the table top games and all of Steve’s caravan and bike things which he was selling as he no longer needed them. 

11am was soon upon us and you all came out to see what was going on.  We had music playing all day to get everyone in to the spirit.  The bouncy castles went down well as I don’t think there was a moment all day when they were not occupied!  The table top games also went down well.  You all seemed to love the pick a straw game and the apple bobbing.  At lunch time there was a visiting entertainer, who did some comedy magic which kept all the youngsters entertained for an hour before it was back to the bouncy castles and table top games.  The table top sale went well as by mid afternoon the amount of tables in use had dropped down to half, which means you were all putting your hands in your pockets.  They were also doing a separate raffle, for which the proceeds where going to St Leonards Hospice, which is a charity close to many on site.  By mid afternoon you had all worn yourselves out and had headed back to your caravans or headed into the club for a cheeky pint or two!

To round the weekend off we had another visiting cabaret act which once again went down well.

All in all, another great weekend was had by all at Whitby Holiday Park, even if the weather wasn’t that great!!

Captain Cook


Whitby has many hidden treasures and tales to tell from years gone by.

If you take a walk into Whitby town, don't forget to visit the house where the young James Cook stayed when he came to serve his seaman's apprenticeship. The handsome 17th century house on Grape Lane overlooking the harbour belonged to Cook's master, the Quaker shipowner, John Walker. It was here in the attic that the family lodged their apprentices when not at sea serving the London coal trade.

This house is now a museum rich in the collection that celebrates Cook's achievements and the work of those who sailed with him - sailors, scientists and artists.

In the museum you can see letters in Cook's own hand displayed for you to read along with original paintings and drawings, ship models and maps, and strange objects from newly discovered lands.

From the bleak Antarctic ocean to the fertile beauty of the Pacific Islands, all Europe was fascinated by the images and objects brought back. Discover how Cook became a household name in Britain and beyond, and his voyages a model others to follow.

There is a Special Exhibition for 2013. The new exhibition brings together paintings and plans, original artefacts and models showing the variety of canoes and catamarans which astonished Cook and his men with their beauty, speed and maneuverability.

This is well worth a visit as you are taken back to times of when Cook would be thinking of all his new ideas of where to go and explore next.


Dog Show

The owners and holiday makers had a lovely day today at the dog show here at Whitby Holiday Park.  The show is getting bigger each year as everyone joins in the fun.  Even the dog's that come on holiday love it racing round the track jumping and leaping around.

Gizmo and Blade just looked and wanted to join in but Mum  wouldn't allow them because they are part of the staff Ha.  We love to make sure all pets have an enjoyable holiday with us hoping that they will return again.

All the owner's regular dogs that are always on Park love the day and think it is a day they can all get together and be naughty.

Everyone is welcome to come and join in and you never know you might even get a run round the track yourselves. That would be fun to see.

Well it's time to get ready for the fun/sales day tomorrow, bouncy castles, stalls, games, Tony Junior with comedy magic.  Let the day begin and hope you all can come.

Flamingo Land

If your looking for a fun filled day and for something to keep the kids occupied with, why not spend the day at Flamingo Land.  With its theme park and zoo there is something to keep everyone occupied all day.

From The Lost Kingdom’s vast African plains to the wet and wacky world of Splosh!, you’ll discover that the Theme Park has something fun for everyone to enjoy.  If you’re looking for adrenaline – fuelled thrills, then seven extreme rides await, including the record – breaking Mumbo Jumbo!

Add to this over a dozen family attractions, a fantastic collection of junior coasters, carousels and soft play areas, plus an extensive daily programme of live shows and a sensational 4d cinema experience, and you’re guaranteed that the fun never stops!

Away from the fun and thrills of the Theme Park, you’ll quickly discover what makes Flamingo Land the UK’s most visited zoo.  With their amazing new Asian rhinos and captivating Reptile Cave, plus tigers from the rainforests of Sumatra, Penguin Coast – their extensive penguin pool – and all the kids’ favourites in the Muddy Duck Farm and Children’s Planet collections, you can enjoy a truly amazing view of the animal kingdom from the heart of North Yorkshire.

With regular free talks, handling sessions, and the chance to learn about their award -  winning conservation project in Africa, plus our Animal Encounters and Be a Zoo Keeper experience, there’s sure to be something that’ll spark everyone’s imagination!

New for 2013 are Sky Flight Coaster, Cyclosoar and Twistosaurus.  You’ll be able to climb aboard the latest coaster and take to the skies, experiencing the sensation of zero gravity flight, including swooping turns, breath taking drops and two heartline inversions.

Also new for 2013 is Dino- Stone Park, a new area for families and younger visitors.  You’ll be able to enjoy the Twistosaurus, a spinning coaster promising amazing fun.  Then there’s the Cyclosoar.  All you have to do is jump on board its pedal – powered hang gliders to take part in a high flying aerial adventure!

So if your looking for a thrill seeking adventure, or for a family day out at the zoo and theme park, just jump in your car and head on down to Flamingo Land, only a 40 minute drive from Whitby Holiday Park!



Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Gardens

Falling Foss is a wonderful waterfall surrounded by woodland only about 15 minutes drive (about 7 miles) from Whitby Holiday Park Parking is available in the Sneaton Forest car park and picnic area.

The 30’ Falling Foss Waterfall is at its most spectacular after heavy rainfall, and can be found on the Falling Foss Forest Trail in Sneaton Forest.  There are several different walks available, some beginning in the car park, some from Littlebeck and some from Sleights.

Midge Hall, a gamekeeper’s cottage which was built in the 1780’s and renovated in 2008, is now open in the woods nearby as Falling Foss Tea Gardens, open from April to October.

Falling Foss Tea Garden is a perfect place to relax and unwind; it is almost like a secret garden and is certainly a charming and magical place to be. Enjoy a light lunch, a sumptuous cream tea or even an ice cream.  The food is certainly getting rave reviews, so definitely worth a visit.

Also nearby is The Hermitage, a hermit’s cave carved out of a huge boulder, reputedly by George Chubb in 1790, on top of which is two wishing chairs, carved of stone.  The idea is to sit in one and make a wish, then sit in the other for the wish to come true!

This is a splendid place to take children as the gardens are child friendly and the surrounding woods and stream hold endless fascination.  So with fabulous forest trails, no entrance fees and free parking, Falling Foss is a real hidden gem.

Bank Holiday Weekend Fun and Games

With the last Bank Holiday of the year (apart from Christmas!) on its way, we have all sorts of fun and games planned for children of all ages, and yes that includes all you adults too!!

For those of you arriving on the Friday, I’m sure Dean, our in house entertainer, will have all sorts of wonderful things planned for you to do in the club.  I’ve no doubt he’ll start the evening with that ever important game of bingo that you all love so much!  And that includes the bingo for children.  I’m sure Dean will have you all up and dancing to his party dances, and I’m aiming that at the adults, as well as the children!  All you have to do is do exactly as Dean does, so make sure you watch him very carefully!!

Then it’s time for the adults to be entertained.  I’m not sure exactly what games he has planned for you so you will have to turn up to find out!

Then we come to Saturday, where Whitby Holiday Park is holding it’s very own version of CRUFTS!!   Now I know Gizmo and Blade in the office are getting very excited about this, (although they are not allowed to enter) as they both cannot wait to see which of their many friends are going to be entering the competition and which ones will win each class.  There will be all sorts of classes ranging from the naughtiest doggie, to the most well behaved, to the one that looks most like its owner!  So make sure you pop into the office or give us a ring on 01947 602664 before Saturday 23rd to get your dog registered as late entrants may not be accepted on the day.  Plus, it also depends on the weather so fingers crossed that the sun is going to shine all day.

Why not end the day in the Club House where Dean will once again be entertaining everyone before the main performance of the night by a visiting cabaret act.  And don’t forget the bingo, he’ll make sure that someone wins that full house!

Then we come to Sunday, when we will be having a Fun/ Sales day.  There will be several stalls selling all sorts of things from books and dvds, to little nick nacks and ornaments.  Most of the money raised from this will be going towards a charity which is close to several people on the park.  Sue, the manager, will be out there all day with a stall set up with all the information you could possibly want to know on owing a caravan here at Whitby Holiday Park.  Plus there will be plenty of information available for all you owners on site who are thinking about upgrading!!  Why not ask Sue to have a look around the two caravans we have on site for sale at the moment, she will be happy to take you round and answer any questions you have.  Dean will also be around all day with plenty of fun games and activities to keep the kids entertained for all of, well most of the day.  As long as the weather is nice he’ll be outside on the green, and if your lucky he might even tire them out for you so you can have a nice, quiet, relaxing evening because the kids have gone to bed early!

And although Dean has had a busy day, why not go and see him in the club again tonight to round of what will be a very fun filled and entertaining weekend!

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Whitby Folk Week

                                                                         Whitby Folk Week 2013 

For over forty years, Whitby has been host to Whitby Folk Week.

Whitby Folk Week is one of the busiest weeks in Whitby’s calendar. Folk Week sees the town deluged in visitors, enjoying the music and dance associated with folk music. Each year this event seems to grow even larger.
 Public houses, street corners, halls and venues fill with dance teams, bands, workshops and singers all with the aim of enjoying themselves. Around the Whitby Bandstand and Whitby Tourist Information Centre there are often Morris Dancers and musicians filling the air with music and song.
This year there are thought to be more than 600 events over Whitby Folk Week. Weekly and daily tickets for the different venues can be bought in advance from the Whitby Folk week website.
There are activities for children as well as adults during this special week in Whitby's calendar.

Why not come and stay with us as your base for the fun and festivities of the week ahead. We are only a short 20 minute walk into the town centre where the streets are alive with folk music.

You will be able to watch all the Morris Dancers perform all their different dances that they have planned to showcase at this years festival.

If you enjoy the Folk Festival then why not make Whitby Holiday Park your destination for Whitby Folk Week 2014.



Yet Another Fun Filled Busy Weekend in Whitby

Well its been another busy weekend here at Whitby Holiday Park with you all wanting to come and say hello and stay with us. The sun was shining too so that was an added bonus! As you all know it was the local 173rd Whitby Regatta this weekend which meant a very busy weekend in the town as well. There was lots of things to do and see up on the West Cliff for people of all ages. There was stalls by all the armed forces (army, navy and air force) where all of you who are interested in a career in any of them could wander up and talk to anyone already in the forces, and of course get lots of freebies from them! There was also a classic car show, a glamorous granny competition as well as Katy Ketchup, a brilliant children’s entertainer. There was also a parade, a fancy dress competition and a raft race which kept you all entertained. And not forgetting the return of the greasy pole! One of the biggest events of the Regatta, apart from all the rowing races of course! And then there was Monday, the final day of the Regatta. The final rowing races were held throughout the day, culminating in a prize giving ceremony early in the evening. The fun fair had made its way down the pier late Sunday night so it was all ready to go first thing on Monday morning. The lights and sounds of the fair could be seen and heard here from the Holiday Park! To round of a brilliant weekend there was a spectacular firework display which brightened up the night sky for 20 minutes. Again this could be seen from the Holiday Park. So once again, as you can see another fantastic, and very busy weekend here at Whitby. Now for a few days peace before the mayhem of Folk week starts on Saturday 17th!! Don’t forget to get your touring space booked with us as soon as possible as we only have a few left!!! Kayleigh Reception
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His Name Is Blade...

Hello Everyone,

My new brother has finally arrived to live with us and his name is Blade.

He is naughty and he keeps steeling all my toys and trying to jump in my bed.  I soon put him back in his palce and chase him away.  He just turns round and slaps me in my face with his paw.

He is a little wippet and he can run very fast when I chase him.

He loves it here at Whitby Holiday Park because we are a dog friendly site and lots of people bring their dogs on holiday and they come and see me in the office.  He will get to meet people when he walks round the park, hope we get a few nibbles to eat.  That's another thing when my mum feeds us he always comes over to my bowl to eat my food and not his own.  Mmmmm not sure if it is a good idea having a new brother after all.

Well I'll let you all know how we get on.

Bye for now and lots of LICKS


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Yorkshire Lavender

                                                    Yorkshire Lavender

English: castle howard
English: castle howard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are thinking of something different to see and do while on holiday with us, why not take a trip to Yorkshire Lavender which is situated close to Castle Howard.

Their award winning Lavender farm of nearly 60 acres is set in the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with spectacular panoramic views over the Vale of York and beyond.

In their Specialist Plant Nursery they propagate and sell a huge range of unusual perinnials, grasses, alpines and wildflowers together with probably the largest selection of lavender and herb plants for sale in the North of England. If you need to ask any questions then you will be pleased to know that Julia and her knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer those questions for you.

After a walk around the Gardens, try your hand at the unique Lavender Maze, or go and see the Natural Wildflower Grassland Meadow, Wibbly Wobbly Way, Mirror Pond, or probably the largest hillside Snakes and Ladders in Yorkshire! they also have a Deer Park and Sculpture Park too!

Lavender (Photo credit: Sarah Elizabeth Simpson)
Once you have walked around and picked out the lavender plants you would like to buy, pop into the gift shop where you will find the ultimate collection of lavender products. Ideal for gifts for your family and friends! You will find the very best of lavender products including practical gifts, beauty products, books, and their specialist "Lavender" foods including lavender biscuits, lavender honey beer, lavender conserves and much more!

In the licensed tea room they offer full waitress service to serve morning coffees, lunches and afternoon cream teas. Why not treat yourself to one of their famous lavender scones with jam and cream. All food and drink can be enjoyed in the outdoor seating area if the weather is fine!

After a lovely day out head on home to test out all the lovely lavender products you treated yourself too and try some of the recipes from the lavender cook book


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Lucky Ducks in Whitby!!


While you are here staying with us at Whitby Holiday Park why not take a trip into town. The one present you must treat yourself to is a Lucky Duck!

Lucky Ducks are small hand-made glass ducks in various transparent colours and Weatherwise Lucky Ducks with a special coating that changes colour to indicate the weather, have been made and sold by Whitby Glass for over 50 years.

Whitby Glass is a small group of artists and craftsmen working in glass here in the North-East. The Lucky Ducks come in twelve jewel-like colours which match the gemstones considered lucky for each month of the year.

Originally Lucky Ducks were first made for friends in the theatrical professions who always carry an amulet or charm with them on stage or in front of the cameras.

Just pop into the Whitby Glass Shop on Sandgate on the East Side of Whitby and you might be lucky enough to see them getting made.

Why not get a Lucky Duck for all your friends and family and just see what luck that they bring you! 


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The Whitby Regatta

The Whitby Regatta 2013 August 9th,10th,11th and 12th, presents to you, four days of entertainment, embracing yacht racing, rowing races and various free forms of entertainment as published in the official programme, finishing with a prize presentation and spectacular firework display.
One hundred and seventy three years of aquatic competition and entertainment. The Whitby Regatta is probably the oldest sea Regatta on the northeast coast and has drawn large crowds into Whitby over the years.

The firework display is on Monday night around 9.45pm and is a site not to be missed.

You can walk along the cliff top from Whitby Holiday Park and watch  as the sky lights up.



If you have ever wondered what it would be like own a Holiday Home, then why not come and stay with us in our hiring accommodation.

We have accommodation to suit everyone from pet friendly caravans to our luxurious Platinum caravan.

We offer a great selection of holiday homes to choose from. All our accommodation includes the following to help give you the home from home experience:

·        Comfortable and spacious lounge, with gas fire, portable flat screen TV with Freesat and DVD player

·        Fitted kitchen with all your utensils and crockery, including microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge

·        Modern bathroom with shower

·        Comfortable bedroom accommodation

We have accommodation for pet owners, the elderly and some disabled customers, families with young children, couples and friends.

Our Platinum caravan offers luxurious accommodation with a direct sea view and veranda, making this a perfect place to watch the sunset over Whitby Abbey with a nice cold drink to round your day off.

Inside you are spoilt for choice with portable flat screen TV’s in both the lounge and main bedroom, along with a DVD player in the lounge. If you love listening to music then fear not as we also have put an ipod docking system in the caravan for you to use.

Our Gold and Mobility caravans offer modern accommodation in flexible layouts, with double glazing and central heating. Our Mobility caravan also has a ramped veranda for access to the caravan. It also has sliding internal doors for ease of use, as well as aids in the bathroom and bedroom if needed.

Our Silver range is both comfortable and stylish and offer families a high standard of accommodation at an affordable price. Caravans have double glazing and central heating, microwave and fridge/freezer.

For you dog lovers out there you do not have to worry about putting your beloved family pet in the kennels or leaving them with family as we have Pet Friendly accommodation so you can bring your dog along with you for the family holiday! We have Pet Standard and Pet Premium caravans that are modestly priced and are ideal for short breaks.

All our caravans are strictly non smoking.

So come and stay with us to show you what owning your own Holiday Home is like and that British holidays are still very hard to beat!

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Fun filled weekends at Whitby Holiday Park and Whitby

Well it's been another busy weekend here at Whitby Holiday Park.  We’ve had all kinds of weather over the last three days, including a thunder storm with some very heavy rain!!  However, that did not stop you all from coming and staying with us.

It was also very busy in the town centre this weekend as it was the local lifeboat weekend, where there was several displays from both the main life boat and the inshore life boat, in the harbour and out at sea.  Over the weekend there was lots of attractions for all the family including stalls that sold homemade cakes to a tombola and pick a peg.  For the big kids, (meaning all you men) there was a classic car show, and for all you other kids there was a bouncy castle and a coconut shy.

Among the displays was an air sea rescue which was really good to see.  Plus there were visits from both Staithes and Runswick lifeboats.
With the Lifeboat weekend over and done with the town is now preparing itself for the local 173rd Regatta.  It is the oldest sea regatta on the east coast celebrating the traditions of a regatta at sea and a carnival on land.  There will be several rowing races held across the weekend, as well as a raft race.  The greasy pole has been brought back for this year, to the delight of all the local townsfolk.  You have to try and walk along a greasy pole which extends over the harbour to reach the flag.  Many have tried, and many have failed, but it brings much excitement to all who stand and watch.  There is also a fun run, which runs along the sea wall for all you athletic people.  There is also a grand baby show as well as a glamorous granny competition.  The West Cliff is taken over for the weekend by the Army, Navy and Air force who have stalls and simulators available for all you budding young people who wish to have a career in the forces.  Then on Monday, the whole west pier becomes a fun fair with rides and stalls covering every inch.  There is a grand parade where there is fancy dress and walking floats as well as a marching band.

The whole weekend is rounded off with a fantastic fire work display which is set off from the East pier.

So with one fun filled weekend over and done with, we at Whitby Holiday Park along with everyone in town, are preparing ourselves for yet another jam packed weekend to come, so make sure that you have your pitch or caravan booked with us so you can join in all the fun and games!!



Pannett Park, Whitby Museum & Pannett Art Gallery

Whilst you're staying in Whitby, don't forget to take a walk through Pannett Park.  On a hot day it can be beautifully quiet and peaceful; a welcome break from the busy town centre streets.  Pannett Park has recently been regenerated thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund Parks for People Programme.

The Park is close to Whitby Town Centre and the grounds are well maintained and litter free.  There are lovely places to sit and relax and look at the great view over the rooftops towards the town.  The gardens are beautifully manicured and contain many interesting features.  Well worth a visit!

The Park is home to Pannett Art Gallery which is run by Whitby Town Council and has regularly changing displays and free entry.

Whitby Museum can also be found in Pannett Park, housing a stunning variety of collections and artefacts.  This is too good to miss; it is quite large and has several sections, all spilling over into each other, giving it a wonderful feel.  The staff are enthuisastic and very knowledgeable locals who help as much as they can.

And as if that is not enough, there is a delightful tea shop in the basement of the Museum, serving lovely home made cakes!