Hello Everyone,

I’m really hot today so I haven’t got a lot of energy.

I’ve just been having a snooze in my mum’s office. 

I will have to get up if anyone comes to have a look at the caravans we have for sale.  Hope everyone has had a lovely day today and not got sun burnt.  I might have a walk around the park tomorrow to see everyone and who is here.  Yum Yum,hope there is some sausages on the go.  There is lot’s of good theme nights coming up in the club here so don’t miss out.  Why don’t you give Kayleigh or Claire a ring in reception to find out when they are then you can get your fancy dress costumes ready.  Mmmm wonder what I can come as.

Well going home for my tea now so I will chat to you all later.  Hope you all like my chats with you.


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