A Receptionist Life for Me!

6.30 am and my alarm starts ringing. Its time to get up and start my day! After doing all the usual morning chores at home, including walking the dog! - I head on over to work to open up for 8.30am.

As I enter the office the Manager is always there to greet all staff and customers alike.

With the windows and door open to make the office more inviting, I switch the computers on and take the night time answer machine off ready to answer all the incoming calls of the day!

As the hours tick on by I busy myself with answering the telephone and taking booking after booking for our touring field – with the weather being predicted to be the hottest weekend of the year!

The odd maintenance job crops up and like all reception staff we contact the maintenance staff to let them know of the job that needs to be done, after all the key to maintaining our customers holiday as a happy experience is to communicate and act as efficiently as possible.

Before I know it, it is dinner time and off I go to walk my dog and have some lunch.

After we have had all our lunches its time to get the office looking spick and span with a polish and a hoover. I polish and my colleague hoovers! That's that job done for the day!

Booking in time for our customers who are staying in our Hire Fleet comes around and we have a happy stream of customers booking in. even though they have been held up by a traffic jam on the A64 everyone is in a happy jolly mood. It helps that the booking in procedure is pretty straightforward for them!

After most of our customers have booked in its time to do the daily banking. With that done its home time and time to hand over to the touring warden for the evening shift. I communicate with him to let him know who is still to come in for both touring and hiring and any other message we might have for him.

With that I switch my computer off for another day and head on home for the night!

Having worked here for the passed 10 years I would say that everyone works together as a team. It is one of the friendliest places that I have worked. Sue the manager always makes sure that the team are well looked after and her door is always open if you ever need anyone to talk to. Not many people can say that they have a manager like we have here at Whitby!

It doesn't seem like two minutes since I joined the team, but as they say time fly's by when you’re having fun!

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