A Day In The Life Of A Touring Warden

I lift my head off the pillow and listen again….yes, something is moving around outside.  Just outside my window; something or someone is rattling papers and banging about.  What on earth…?  Then it hit me – the seagulls have struck again!  Muttering thanks to the thoughtless camper who left their rubbish out for the seagulls to investigate, I rolled out of bed and quickly pulled on some clothes.

Reaching for my trusty rubber gloves and a carrier bag, I let myself quietly out my motorhome so as not to wake up the sleeping campers, and survey the mess of old teabags, bones, tin cans and soggy rubbish that the seagulls had strewn around.  Trying not to think too much about what I was picking up, I quickly collect up as much of the mess as I can.  Eeugh!

Within minutes I’m back in bed and the seagulls have departed.  A quick look at my clock tells me it is not even 5 o’clock yet and the sun is shining brightly but I’m determined to grab another couple of hours sleep before work.

Later on in the day and it’s time for work.  I fire up my trusty tractor/lawnmower and drive down to Reception to sign in.  First job is down to the children’s play park to check the equipment over and sweep out the toddler park.  This done I jump back on my trusty tractor and work my way round the touring park collecting all the wood that we’ve used to get the campers’ vans level.  Next stop is to pick up some black bags and my grabber to start collecting all the litter from around the park.  That Whitby Wind has a lot to answer for!

Right, I’ve had my lunch and everywhere is tidy; time to welcome the next batch of campers.  Down to Reception to meet my first customer – a small campervan on a level pitch: easy!  Next a large caravan, driven by an harassed lady who has just towed for 3 hours for the first time alone.  The thought of reversing the van onto a pitch is making her panicky, but I reassure her I can help her get the van into position easily.  She follows me up to the touring field and we soon have her parked up on pitch and level, ready to get the kettle on!

My next customer is a 26ft Motorhome and brand new!  It’s the first time the owners have ever used it and they are new to motorhoming, so I show them where the elson and water points are and where to empty their waste water.  We chat for a few minutes about some problems with their motorhome, then its back down to the office for the next customer.

As I wiz round the site on my tractor, children wave to me and men look on wishing they had a job driving round on a tractor in the sunshine too!  But I promise it’s not all fun.  When you’ve had to unblock the toilets again for the third time in one day, it's pouring down with rain or you smile and greet a camper who’s just driven for 3 and a half hours and is tired and fed up and just wants to be sitting outside his van with a drink, you really wouldn’t think it’s such a great job!

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