Cheeky Minky's at Whitby!!

The Cheeky Minky’s at Whitby!

The other day a customer walked into the onsite shop on Park and as they were chatting to Arkwright aka Neil who runs the shop, they were telling him that they thought they had seen a big black mole on the beach next to the Park.

On closer inspection it turned out to be a Mink and not a big black mole as they first thought!

Years ago there were mink farms in this area and some of the minks must have escaped and grown up in the wild. This means that the mink that our customers saw could be a descendant of one of the escapee’s from the mink farms all that time ago!

Next time you come and visit our Park why not go Mink spotting! You never know you might actually find a whole family of they on their holidays too!!


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