With tomorrow being Armed Forces Day, Scarborough are holding this years event on Foreshore Road on Saturday 29th June.

We are are only a short drive away from Scarborough, which makes us perfectly situated for you to enjoy this event.

The events start at 12noon and finish at 5pm. There will be many air displays for you to enjoy throughout the afternoon including a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, as well as the infamous Red Arrows and aslo a RAF Thyphoon.

There will be the Ravens Parachute Display Team in the afternoon also. Why not test your fitness at the Beach Boot Camp Challange!

There will be lots of other things happening there to entertain the whole family.

So why not come and stay with us and have a fun filled day at the Armed Forces Day celebrations!!

Kayleigh and Claire

Cheeky Minky's at Whitby!!

The Cheeky Minky’s at Whitby!

The other day a customer walked into the onsite shop on Park and as they were chatting to Arkwright aka Neil who runs the shop, they were telling him that they thought they had seen a big black mole on the beach next to the Park.

On closer inspection it turned out to be a Mink and not a big black mole as they first thought!

Years ago there were mink farms in this area and some of the minks must have escaped and grown up in the wild. This means that the mink that our customers saw could be a descendant of one of the escapee’s from the mink farms all that time ago!

Next time you come and visit our Park why not go Mink spotting! You never know you might actually find a whole family of they on their holidays too!!


Have a Whale of a time at Whitby and surrounding coast!

If you are interested in marine life and all the wonders the beaches and cliffs have to offer, then why not come and stay at Whitby Holiday Park.

With its coastal cliff top location, Whitby Holiday Park is the ideal location to go off and explore. With Saltwick Bay on your doorstep, the beach offers a great start to venture along and see how many different species of mammals you can find, and don’t forget to hunt for jet while you are there!

You might see the seals and velvet crabs on the beach and in the rock pools and even harbour porpoise can be seen off the coast of Whitby. There are plenty of day fishing trips that you can go on from Whitby Harbour. You can catch an array of fish from cod, mackerel, ling, crabs, lobsters, haddock, whiting and many more. If river fishing is more your thing then you can purchase a permit locally so that you can fish between the village of Sleights and Ruswarp. This is the only Salmon River in Yorkshire. Here you can catch salmon and brown trout.

If fishing seems a little too adventurous for you, why not visit the Sea Life Centre at Scarborough. This is 19 miles from Whitby Holiday Park and takes about 30 minutes to get there by car. There are lots of things to see and do. Meet Ed their playful seal and watch him splashing around. They have otters Eric and Pumpkin, watch as they learn new skills through a special training programme. While you are there why not feed their native sharks and rays and pay a visit to the turtle sanctuary. Look out for CLAWS (new for 2013). Crabs and their many clawed cousins are like marvellous machines, the armoured division of the marine world. In superbly lit displays, you’ll see in vivid and spectacular close-up the incredible anatomy of these powerful predators.

You will see as you walk around: jellyfish, Great Barrier Reef, penguins, sea dragons, turtles, seals, ocean tunnel, seal hospital, rock pool and otters. Why not pan for gold and stop off for refreshment at the kiosk close by.

Once you have explored the creatures of the ocean at Sea Life Centre, head on to Bempton Cliffs.

No matter what season you visit you will be amazed at what animals and mammals you will find. In spring you can go on a Gannett and Puffin Cruise, or watch the seabirds returning to their nest sites. Watch out for a weasel or brown hare as you explore the paths.

Summer is breeding season with all 200,000 seabirds with eggs and chicks. Breeding tree sparrows, whitethroats, grasshopper warblers, sedge warblers, skylarks, linnets, reed buntings, and rock and meadow pippets can be seen within 200m of the visitor centre and car park.

In autumn you will see all the breeding birds depart leaving the Gannets behind. Short eared owls begin to arrive to stay for the winter, along with an array of other birds.

Winter is normally the quietest time of year. At the bird feeding station in winter you will find tree sparrows, greenfinch, blackbirds, robins, dunnocks, wrens and chaffinches looking for food and shelter.

So you see know matter what time of year you come and stay with us there is always some wildlife to spot!

After a busy day animal and mammal spotting, head on home to your static caravans or touring caravan and relax. With the use of free wifi on Park why not let all your family and friends know what a great stay you are having here at Whitby Holiday Park!



I have worked at Whitby Holiday Park for the last 11 years and my favourite pastime is 4 wheel drive vehicles. I still own a 1954 series one Landrover, a few second world war American Jeeps and a Ranger Rover.

So having been involved with 4 wheel drive vehicles from the age of 5, buying, selling, restoring, racing and teaching people to drive them off road etc. This led to a phone call at Whitby Holiday Park whilst I was at work the other day from a friend of mine who owns the Landrover Ice Cream van usually parked in the car park at the top of the 199 steps near Whitby Abbey.

Landrover were doing a worldwide press launch to commemorate Landrovers 65th Anniversary. Because this Landrover is the only ice cream van known to exist. The promotional people at Landrover tracked it down and asked if he would bring it to this very special show just outside Birmingham for 4 days all expenses paid.

Unfortunately Neil Trillo (who owns the ice cream van) could not go because of work commitments. So he asked me and my friend Steve if we would take it for him. We thought about it for about 5 seconds and said that we would do it!

Because this Landrover was built in 1970 and very big it was decided that it would be put on a trailer for the journey there and back. We arrived at the venue late Tuesday afternoon to be greeted by the Landrover special promotional people and taken to the Marriott Country Club where we stayed for 4 days. After a nice meal and few drinks we were briefed on the next 3 days events and what the show was all about.

It turns out that they had been all over the place to bring together all the special Landrovers ever built, to commemorate the Landrover 65th Birthday. They had managed to gather together over 100 vehicles for the world press to view and test drive. Many of the vehicles were loaned by the Heritage Motor Centre, Dunsfold Landrover and a chap well known in the Landrover series one world – Ken Wheelwright. Ken is 82 years old now and he still restores vehicles to a very high standard. His old Landrovers when fully restored can command prices in excess of £30,000.00 each. Ken was at this event with a Landrover chassis he is currently restoring. Anyone who was visiting that day could bolt a part on to it just to say that they had helped to rebuild a 1950 80” Landrover.

Some of the specialist vehicles included police cars, ambulances, army Landrovers, tracked Landrovers and even 3 vehicles still owned by the Queen, which she stands in the back of when doing visits to foreign countries were there. These were in a special enclosure with two guards dressed in red tunics and busbies stood in the entrance. We all got to drive all sorts of the Landrover mark from ploughing with a series one, to a 20 mile round trip in a 65th commemoration Defender on the motorways and a special off road course. It was amazing to meet and talk to the world press who were brought to the place where Landrover first tested it’s off road capabilities 65 years ago. They were brought in by plane then collected by chauffeur driven Range Rover and Jags. Every day different journalists from around the world were greeted and allowed to test drive the vehicle and talk about their history. There was even a special cake in the shape of a series one Landrover, delivered by helicopter and then collected by the chassis No 3 Landrover registration number HOE 166. Oh yes and everyone was given a free ice cream and even the chance to try and scoop out their own ice cream.

To say this was an opportunity not to be missed would be an understatement and I feel very lucky to have been asked to such a momentous occasion. If you want to see this very special ice cream van Landrover, just go to the top of the 199 steps in Whitby and buy a Trillo’s ice cream. Its also strange how things return because in this weeks Whitby Gazette is a picture of me and my friend Andrew from 25 years ago, when we were asked to supply and build 5 Landrovers for an off road school, and yes I did have hair and was thin!   

So if you would like to see me at Whitby Holiday Park and talk 4 wheel drive then just ask for Ian!

You could also book a holiday with us at the same time!

We Love Dog's

Hi my name is Lu Lu and I have come in to see Gizmo my friend in the office.

I am having a really nice time here at Whitby Holiday Park and I am staying with my mum and dad on the touring field.

I get a treat everyday of Sue the park manager and sometimes I try to get another one later in the day.

There is lots of other doggies around on the park to staying on their holidays.

There is some lovey walks around the area I go on.

Well off for my tea now.

Lu Lu
Whitby Holiday Park
Hello it's me Gizmo again,

I am really happy this week because I have found a new friend called Lu Lu.

she is a French Bulldog and she is gorgeous.

She comes into the office to see me and my mum everday for a treat.  Think she might of been a bit scared to start with because I get a little excited.

She is staying on the touring field with her mum and dad and she pulls to be in to office when they take her for a walk around the park.

I hope all you doggies keep coming to stay here at Whitby Holiday Park to see me.

Well time I was going now, might even have a snooze.




Dalby Forest is situated on the southern slopes of the North York Moors National Park. The southern part of the forest is divided by a number of valleys creating a “Rig and Dale” landscape whilst to the north of the forest sits on the upland plateau.

The forest offers over 8,000 acres of woodland to explore and enjoy, including play areas for children, barbecues for the family and plenty of wayland trails for all abilities.

There is a wide range of events that go on throughout the year including guided walks and children’s holiday activities, plus wildlife and nature events. There is also 55 miles of cycle trails to explore for all you hardened cyclists.

The forest is situated about fifteen to twenty miles away from Whitby Holiday Park so it is only a short distance to travel.

Once you arrive at Dalby Forest you can prepare your bikes, or hire one from the Dalby Courtyard which has high quality bikes for all ages and abilities, and then off you go.

There are miles of trails for everyone, from family routes to some of the best mountain bike routes in the country including the World Cup route. For those cyclists who like extreme thrills, there is the Bike Park at Dixon’s Hollow within the forest, where there are Green, Red and Black trails for you to enjoy.

As well as having plenty of cycle trails, Dalby Forest has plenty of trails for all you walkers and ramblers out there. There are all ability paths which loop around the Staindale lake which is hidden deep within the forest. For those who prefer a walk on level ground there is the Waitcliff Trail which starts at Bickley Gate which is ideal for those in wheelchairs who love the outdoors. Along all the trails, you will find that there are plenty of picnic benches so that you can stop for a breather or just to admire the view, all of which are easily accessible for wheelchair users. You can also hire wheelchairs and electric buggies for free!!

For all of you pet lovers that are staying at Whitby Holiday Park, don’t panic as you can take your dog along with you to enjoy the fantastic scenery and walks within the forest.

For those of you who have children there are plenty of things to keep the children entertained. There is an activity centre where the kids can try anything from paintballing to archery. Or they can visit the Enchanted Woodland where they can play in the adventure play area.

While in Dalby Forest why not visit the Visitor Centre, where you can find out more about Dalby Forest. You can learn about sustainable living and have fun with the hands on interactive displays. If picnics aren’t your thing then you will also find the restaurant here with its large indoor and outdoor seating areas with a wide range of snacks and meals available for all the family. Plus you get to have great views over the forest to enjoy whilst you eat. Everyone likes to take a souvenir home so get yourself along to the forest shop where you can buy from a wide range of gifts and books to remind you of your fun day out.

Hidden in Dalby Forest is Go Ape! Anyone can enjoy it as it is for kids of all ages, including those big kids that still feel young at heart. Go Ape is the UK’s number one Tree Top Adventure. For two to three hours you can take on zip wires, tarzan swings, rope ladders and a variety of obstacles and crossings all set high up in the tree tops of the forest.

So, after a fun filled day of walking, cycling and climbing amongst the trees, you will be ready to come back to the comforts of your caravan or static holiday home here at Whitby Holiday Park for a well earned rest and a cheeky pint in the club!!!

Kayleigh and Claire