Worms are nature’s recyclers, the gardener’s friend, and food for many birds and other animals.  What do YOU know about these overlooked creatures?  Dr Jones is involved in a research project to find out how they are faring nationwide.  Find out how you can help, and learn about their fascinating ecology.

We are very supportive here in recycling where we can and have different bins in our refuse area for everyone to use.

Saving energy is another big thing we are trying to do, turning lights off where we can, replacing light bulbs with low energy ones, not leaving heaters on when going out.

Let’s all try and use local transport instead of using our cars.  There are some scenic walks over the cliff top with outstanding see views which leads you down the 199 steps at Whitby Abbey.  There is a delightful walk over the field to Robin Hoods Bay where you can do some wild animal spotting at the same time then call back into our reception and you can write down what you have spotted on your relaxing walk.

Your children can join in our kids club and do the nature bug spotting with Dean our resident entertainer.  Really exciting for your children and fun for mum and dad to join in.  Mind your little fingers and toes and don’t let them bugs nip you.  We have jars and magnifying glass so you can look closer at what you find.

Spot the wild life on the Park, see the swallows nesting under the club entrance and watch for their babies flying the nest for the first time.  Bird boxes are situated around the park to encourage other birds to nest.

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