Well I don't feel very happy today because everyone seems down in the dumps and I am.

It's thick fog outside and to wet for my dad to take me for a walk around the park to meet people.  I wonder if Ollie my friend has got better weather at Pakefield Caravan Park today.  I might go and see her to see if she will play with me.

If anyone is out there call into the office to give me a stroke but don't bring me any treats because I don't like them.

We have got some nice new customers who have bought a caravan here and they will be coming soon and I can play with their dog.  "Hope she likes me"

Dean our entertainer has been in the office this morning to sort his Big Fat Quiz out for Monday night in the club. It starts at 9pm so I hope everyone comes along and joins in the fun.  They wont let me go because they said I'm not allowed.  My mum Sue spoils all my fun but never mind I will be back in the office tomorrow again.

Well I'm off for my afternoon nap now so I will talk to you all again soon.

Lots of Licks,  GIZMO

Sue Robey
General Manager

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