Hi There,

I’m Gizmo and I live at Whitby Holiday Park.

I have just had a hard day in the office greeting all the holiday makers and owners when they arrive.  Time for a quick snooze I think.

It can be a hard life here at times when my mum Sue Robey, General Manager drags me of to work every morning.  When it’s really busy in the office I have chance to stay at home and catch up on some sleep.

I love it when all the owners bring their dogs in to see me when they are passing the office.  Millie and Bonnie often call in and demand some of my treats.  Milo is Clair’s dog who works in reception but he can be naughty with me some times because he doesn’t like me so he has to sit in his window looking across to reception.

We have lots of dogs that come and stay on our touring field and in our pet friendly caravans that we hire out.  If you come on holiday here call in and see me and I might even give you one of my treats.

There are lovely walks along the cliff tops and lots of stopping points for wee wee’s and sniffs.  If you carry on it takes you down the 199 steps into Whitby or you can walk to Robin Hood’s bay across the fields.

I might jump on the counter when you come for a holiday here but don’t worry I won’t bite you I will be just pleased to see you.  So why don’t all you dogs come along and have a holiday here with us because you will be very welcome.

Well it’s a hard life I must get back to my office duties

Hope to see you all soon.

LICK LICK from me and Bye from Sue Robey, General Manager

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