Welcome Back!!!


Hi everyone, and welcome back to our lovely park after so many months away. It's been a very trying time for everyone during the lock down and I hope you have all stayed safe and well. We are definitely glad to be back to the routine of work and having the park back open again. It's great to see everyone back on the park!

During the lock down the park has been constantly maintained by Steve and it has to be said he has done a brilliant job of keeping on top of everything by himself as most of the staff were put on furlough. Sue the manager has also done a fantastic job of keeping the office going and organising customers vouchers for the bookings they were unable to make because of the pandemic.

We have had to make a few adjustments on the park since re opening to allow for social distancing and to try and keep everyone safe - the cafe on site is now operating for take away meals only (or outside seating when the weather permits). 

The shop is limited to one or two people in at any time, and the Galleon Bar has a one way system in place, with an ordering point and a collection point at the bar, and tables well spaced for social distancing. The cinema is also now open, again with the seating well spaced out for social distancing.

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We also have several hand sanitising stations around the park and appropriate protection in reception to help keep everyone safe.


Yorkshire Sheperdess is visiting the area in 2020

Yorkshire Shepherdess - Scarborough 2020 visit

Amanda Owen - The Yorkshire Shepherdess will be holding an event, talking about her life from teenage Goth to hillside shepherdess and being a mother to 9 children. 

The talk is packed with amusing anecdotes, colourful characters and inspiring stories from her two decades spent farming at Ravenseat. All of this will be delivered with Amanda's trademark energy, humour and charm. 

The talk can include readings from her books, a slideshow, Q&As and an opportunity to really get to know The Yorkshire Shepherdess. 

There are still tickets available for the matinee show at 2pm on Sunday 29th March at Scarborough Spa theatre.

In her three published books, Amanda explains how life is never dull at Ravenseat, the family traditional hill farm in Upper Swaledale!
Having to tend to their sheep, cattle, horses, dogs can get hectic, but Amanda explains that she wouldn't change this traditional way of living for the world, as its virtually disappearing. Living amongst the most glorious scenery, Amanda and her family have the freedom and independence that living off the beaten track brings and that it more than makes up for the harsh challenges they face in the winter months.

In her first book "The Yorkshire Shepherdess", Amanda tells her life story - how as a rebellious girl from Huddersfield, achieved her dreams of becoming the shepherdess she has always wanted to be at Ravenseat, a remote hill farm in North Yorkshire, which covers 2000 acres.

In her second book, "A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess", she describes the age-old cycles of a farming year and the constant challenges her and her family face - as Amanda describes it, life is never dull at Ravenseat!

In the newest book, "Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess", Amanda takes her readers through the surprises of everyday life at Revenseat. From a desperate race to save the life of a missing calf to the horrendous and brutal winter of 2018, but it's not long before a new project catches her eye!!
Ravenseat is a tenant farm and may not stay in the family, so when Amanda discovers a nearby farmhouse for sale, she knows it is her chance to create those all important roots for her children.
The old house needs lots of renovation and with money tight, it's fair to say things do not go according to plan!! 

Swaledale is approx a 2 hour drive from Whitby, by travelling along the moor roads and through little villages makes a great day out on a gloriously sunny day!!

So if you are looking for something to do while you are staying with us here at the park, or looking at booking your holiday in March, then why not come along and go and see Amanda at Scarborough giving her talk!! With her wit and wisdom it's sure going to be a great talk!!

saltwick bay

Saltwick Bay Whitby

Saltwick bay is located on the East coast of Yorkshire just a short walk from Whitby. 

Why visit Saltwick?

Saltwick Bay appears to be a beautifully sculpted bay that offers glorious views out to sea. The Bay is actually packed with history and astounding geological features that make it a place you must visit and see for yourself.
Access to this breathtaking walk is via Whitby Holiday Park where there are steps leading down to the beach. You should, however, check tide times to ensure you don’t get cut off and be wary that the steps can get slippery in winter.It is also good advice to be very careful at the base of the cliffs as rock falls are common, with loose fragments of shale falling regularly. 
The first alum mine on the East coast was opened by Thomas Challoner in the 16th century due to the good old Henry VIII’s famous reformation! Why? Well, because before this Britain had sourced this essential chemical compound from Italy, and the industry was under papal control. On breaking with Rome and the Catholic church our supply of alum was halted.
It wasn’t until 1649, however, that a supply of alum was discovered in Saltwick Bay. This discovery was thanks to Sir Hugh Chomley who subsequently opened a mine there with the help of highly experienced Italian Alum workers. 
In 1673 permission was given for a harbour to be built to aid in the transportation of alum. It would mean that no longer would they have to transport their wares to Whitby before shipping it out. Soon after in 1770, an alum house followed, being built on the southeast side of the quarries. 
In 1791 the mining ceased at Saltwick Bay, probably due to alum being replaced by the creation of aniline dyes. These dyes contained their own colour fixative making alum redundant. Though the mining ceased, proof of the existence of the quarries and harbour still exists in Saltwick Bay today.
Wrecks at Saltwick Bay 
Admiral Von Tromp Throughout history, the sea has proved to be a cruel mistress time after time claiming ships and lives in abundance. However, in the case of the trawler the Admiral Von Tromp this may not have been the case. You see, the sinking of this ship has proved to be a bit of a mystery that the sea herself may not have been responsible for!
On the 30th June 1976, the Admiral Von Tromp left Scarborough Harbour with a course set for Barnacle Bay. However, tragically this ship would never make its destination, instead, it would run aground on rocks at Saltwick Bay.

Admiral Von Tromp Saltwick Bay

HMHS Rohilla
The HMHS Rohilla also made its final resting spot here in just as tragic, but altogether different circumstances to the Admiral Von Tromp.
At 4 am on the 29th October 1914 the HMHS Rohilla struck rocks at Saltwick Nab with 229 people onboard. It had been headed for Dunkirk on a route that would take her down the East Coast, a route that could be fraught with danger. German subs and mines were scattered along this coast, and to make things even more difficult the captain was new to navigating the rugged North sea.
As the HMHS Rohilla made its way along its route, a coast guard on duty in his shelter located on the cliffs noticed that she was heading for Whitby Rock. This was a treacherous section of reef system that would be the end of the Rohilla.

The SS Brentwood

The Brentwood was a trawler that was struck by a German mine on the 12th January 1917. It sank in just an astounding four minutes due to the amount of damage sustained by her fore.
The Master and thirteen of her crew survived this sinking whilst just two people, the 2nd mate and fireman, who were on watch at the time went down with the ship. Those rescued were picked up by the SS Togston and taken to Sunderland.
The SS Brentwood can only be reached by those able to dive competently. It is upright at the bottom of the sea but broken into two section.
Where to stay to enjoy the views and the beauty of Saltwick Bay.
Whitby Holiday Park has a wide selection of contemporary, high quality holiday homes available for hire as well as to buy. The park also offers a large, cliff-top touring area, with grass touring pitches for tourers and motor-homes. All pitches are supplied with 16 amp electric hook-ups and have good access to park facilities.The Holiday Park welcomes customers on to its Touring Park. This cliff top area, with its great views of the North Sea & Whitby Abbey, has grass pitches & 16 amp electric hook ups. The area is served by a Toilet & Shower Block & has access to all the park facilities. Whitby Holiday Park has Static Caravans for Sale and offers competitively priced site fees, with a 10.5 month season. There is access from the park to the nearby Saltwick Bay beach for families and dog owners. Modern park facilities include a well equipped Laundry, Park Shop (open daily), and a Cafe serving homemade snacks & beverages. A Family Club & Bar is open during the main season offering great evening family entertainment.

Visit to book your holiday or call us on Whitby 01947 602664 we are happy to help.

Maria Reception

A Sunny Day in Whitby

A Sunny Day In Whitby

Your nearly at the end of your stay.  You've run out of things to do.  You've already walked round the town more times than you can remember.  You've done all the touristy things like taking a trip on the Open Top Tour Bus, been brave enough to take a trip through the Dracula Experience; done all the museums and country houses that are not too far away and even gone to the local Theme Park and gone on all the roller coasters.  You've got two days left so what do you do??

There's only one thing you can do when there's blue skies and the sun is shining and that is to spend the day on the beach!!  And what a perfect way to spend your last days.  A nice relaxing day on the beach.

In Whitby there are several beaches you can choose from.  There is one on the West side of the Town as well as one on the East side.  The one on the East side is only small so you would have to get there early, and be mindful of the tides as it sits just inside the harbour!  The access to this beach is tucked neatly down the side of The Duke of York Pub, just at the bottom of the 199 steps!

If you're looking for a beach which is a little bit bigger, then you want to head to the West side of town.  This beach stretches for miles and if you time it right you can walk all the way down to the next village of Sandsend.  To get to the beach on the West side of town is really easy.  Just follow the path or the road down towards the piers then down the ramp and your on the beach! It's as easy as that!! Then all you have to do is find the right spot where you can lay your towel down and then pass the hours sunbathing, building sandcastles, or if your brave enough, taking a dip or a swim in the North Sea!!

There's plenty of cafes close by if you get hungry or thirsty, and even several fish and chip shops.  If you fancy a 99 or a lemon top there may even be an ice cream van on the beach so you won't even have to leave the beach!!  If you've got kids with you then don't panic as i'm sure they will entertain themselves for hours digging holes, burying each other, building sand castles or playing games.  Or why not treat them to a ride up and down the beach on one of the Donkeys if they are out that day.

When the tide starts coming in then it's time to pack up and head back to the car.  But before you do that, don't forget to spend an hour in the arcades having a go on all those 2p machines.  You could even have a go at Pirate mini golf - the kids will love it!  When you've run out of 2ps you definitely know it's time to go.

If you're stopping at Whitby Holiday Park and do not fancy going all the way into Whitby to spend the day on the beach then why not spend the day at Saltwick Bay.  There is even access to the beach from the site.  Once down on the beach it's all about finding the right spot to lay your towel down, but don't forget to check the tide times outside reception before you go down as you don't want to be caught out by the incoming tide!  This beach is ideal if you want a nice quiet day as it is well hidden from the crowds from town.  If the tide is out you may be able to see the wrecks of  the Rohilla, a hospital ship or the Admiral Von Tromp both of which sank just off the coast here at Saltwick Bay .  You could even go crabbing or hunting for fish in the many rock pools.  At the end of the day its just a nice stroll back up the hill where you can either go straight back to your caravan to relax or you can pop into the Galleon Bar for a nice refreshing pint or the cafe for a lovely cooked meal.



Whitby England is famous for many things: it's a traditional seaside resort with Blue Flag beaches, and has some of the best fish and chips around. But there's so much more to visit in Whitby...

With Blue Flag beaches and many attractions, including the world-famous steam train, North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Whitby is the perfect base for a family holiday. But it doesn’t end there. Whitby wallows in history, including fishing, the jet industry (did you know that it’s still the best place in the world to find the gleaming black gemstone so beloved by the Victorians?), Captain Cook (who was born nearby, and whose famous ship the Endeavour was Whitby-built) and whaling. And its literary connections – Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula features the town, with the vampire first coming ashore here from Transylvania in the guise of a black dog – have inspired the world famous Goth Festival, which now takes place twice a year, in the spring and around Halloween.

Whitby Holiday Park - Touring Park


Situated in the National Park, magnificently perched above the sweep of Saltwick Bay, this park commands spectacular views of the coastline in a beautifully rural cliff top setting. To complete the panorama the striking silhouette of Whitby Abbey pierces the skyline dramatically defining the point at which the moors meet the sea. The moody ruins of Whitby Abbey, made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula, provide a stunning backdrop to the beaches in this area where bathing, rock pooling and fossil hunting are popular pastimes.

Whitby Holiday Park has a wide selection of contemporary, high quality holiday homes available for hire. The park also offers a large, cliff-top touring area, with grass touring pitches for tourers and motor-homes. All pitches are supplied with 16 amp electric hook-ups and have good access to park facilities. Other amenities include WI-FI (Free for the first 24 hours), a well-stocked Shop, a Cafe, a Club with family entertainment, a Children's Playground, Amusements and a Laundry. Pets are welcome all season at Whitby Holiday Park and there are many wonderful coastal and countryside walks to enjoy direct from the park.
Other amenities include free WI-FI, a well-stocked Shop, a Cafe. Our Galleon Club has a nice relaxed feel for all the family to enjoy.  Don’t forget we still have the patio area for you to sit out and relax in the sun with a nice cold drink and pets are also welcome! If you don’t fancy sitting out on the patio area, then there is plenty of space in our newly upgraded Club with new seating areas. We also have a Info Hub Room set up with Ipads and an Xbox for all the family to enjoy. You can use the Ipads to search for local days out or information on a place you would like to visit. Why not have an hour on the Xbox competing against each other, this is a great way to spend an afternoon and the kids will really enjoy it! Still in use is our Cinema room which will be open throughout the season. With comfy seating and an array of films available for you to watch, this makes this the perfect way to spend an afternoon if the weather isn’t fine!
Visiting cabaret acts will be on over Bank Holiday weekends and Summer Holiday weekends only, with local acts and some favourite acts coming to entertain you for the evening. The rest of the time you will be able to relax in a nice atmosphere. We also have a Laundry. Pets are welcome all season at Whitby Holiday Park and there are many wonderful coastal and countryside walks to enjoy direct from the park.

2020 Holidays

Whitby Holiday Park 2020

As 2019 will soon be over now is a great time to be thinking about your holidays for 2020, and where better to book your next holiday than with us here at Whitby Holiday Park!!

With something to offer everyone this is a great place for your holiday in Whitby...

We are set in the beautiful location of Saltwick Bay with views over the sea one way and views of the famous Whitby Abbey the other way. 

                                                                                                        Our touring field has nice large grass pitches with electric hook up and some are on the cliff edge overlooking the sea for that extra special view (can't you just picture yourself sat outside your van on a beautiful sunny day soaking up that sea air? Bliss!!).  All these grass pitches are suitable for tourers, motorhomes and campervans alike, and there are water points and elsan points located around the touring field.

However,  if you have a motorhome or campervan and would prefer to be on a hard standing pitch then we do have some of those too.  These are situated more centrally on the park near to all the facilities and have water & electric on each pitch. There is an elsan point near by too.

Don't worry if you don't have your own caravan or motorhome to stay in as we also rent out our static holiday homes. We have platinum rated for that extra home from home comfort and pet friendly so you can bring along your dogs too. All our static holiday homes have the luxury of double glazing and central heating, and are fitted with all you should need for a comfy holiday. Bedding is also provided so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything.

On the park for children

We have a great little children's play park to keep the little ones entertained for a many hours. 

Saltwick Bay beach is accessible directly from the park and this is a brilliant beach for fossil hunting, making sandcastles, exploring shipwrecks (when the tide is low enough), or even just having a little splash in the sea.

If you've had enough sun and sea you can escape for a couple of hours with a family friendly film in our Galleon Bar Cinema. There are up to 3 different films showing most days which are advertised on the bar notice board. 

On the park for adults

We have a cafe on site serving fantastic home cooked meals. If you don't fancy cooking your breakfast in the morning the cafe serves a delicious Yorkshire cooked breakfast which will set you up for the day. They also  serve a selection of cakes which can be enjoyed with a cup of  tea or      coffee if you fancy a treat on an afternoon. 

The Galleon Bar is a great venue to while away a few hours. Whether you fancy a film in our free cinema, just a quiet drink or even fancy a game of bingo or some horse racing fun there is something to please everyone. We will be having various events and entertainment throughout the year too so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for further information. 

If you fancy a drink but don't want to miss out on the sunshine then we have a beer garden which is a great sun trap 🌞 Don't worry, you can also bring your dogs along as the beer garden, cinema and bottom room of the Galleon Bar are all dog friendly areas πŸΆπŸ•

On the park for Dogs

Your furry friends are very well catered for when you stay with us. We all love Dogs here and they will have no end of cuddles from us. They are allowed into the Galleon as described above, but they are also allowed into the cafe for their sausage breakfast πŸ˜‰ Saltwick Bay beach is also Dog friendly no matter what time of year you come to stay with us, then when you've managed to get them away from all the fun at the beach you can clean them off in our lovely warm dog shower 🚿

Even though Whitby town is easily accessed via the cliff path walk (just 1 mile), with so much to occupy you on our park you may never want to leave. 

Whatever it is you like to do on your holidays I'm positive once you've stayed here with us you won't want to holiday anywhere else.

            Why not give us a call today to see if we can accommodate you. Call on 01947 602664

Hope to see you all in 2020


Keeping the kids entertained

Keeping the kids entertained during the holidays........

There's nothing worse than trying to entertain kids, whether it be for a couple of hours, one day or several days!  If you're staying here with us at Whitby Holiday Park this season, why not have a look at the following activities which are all very child friendly!  These are just a handful of the things that you can do with kids.......


All you need to succeed at Doodlepots Ceramic Cafe is - well, to go!
Everything else is already there including inspiration, materials, friendly technical support and expert guidance! You don't have to be particularly good at art or have any experience to turn out something pretty if you pick items suited to your skill level, and there are a wide range of options to choose from ensuring that's not a problem!

Doodlepots is located on Skinner Street in Whitby. Children choose a piece to paint, either a plate, mug, vase etc. They paint their pot in the colours and designs they want, then the pot is glazed and fired at Doodlepots for the customer to collect later or it can be posted to them. Hot and cold drinks and a selection of cakes are also available here.

The Whitby Vampire Curse Treasure Trail

Suitable for children over 9 yrs old

You'll need to work together as a family to make it through the Whitby Curse of the Vampire self-guided treasure hunt themed Treasure Trail.
See Whitby as Bram Stoker did when he invented Count Dracula and take a closer look at some of the fascinating plaques, signs and buildings along the route!
As you follow the clear directions, you'll be seeking the answers to the clues in order to solve this mystery and lift the mysterious curse!
This 2.5 mile route explores both the east and west sides of the town - allow around 3 hours, longer if you plan on stopping for lunch or visiting the abbey at the end of the Trail.
Once you have a final answer, go to the Treasure Trails website to submit it and if you're right, find out how to break the curse!

Whitby Surf School

Suitable for ages: Young Children (4-8), Older Children (9-12) and Teenagers (13-18)

Ride the waves with Whitby Surf School!
The school is located on the promenade of the award winning West Cliff Beach meaning you'll be treated to some stunning coastal views whilst you take on the waves. Learn to surf or stand up paddleboard with fully qualified Beach Life Guards, Surfing GB / WSA Surf / SUP Instructors.
If you're keen on exploring then take one of the school's paddleboard trips. Discover new places for flat water touring or wave surfing with one of the all-inclusive trips. Don't worry if you don't have your own equipment as it is all available to hire.
Try something new and have lots of fun!
  • Paddleboard tours
  • Kayak hire
  • Surfboard, paddleboard, wetsuit hire

Mini Monsterz

Suitable for all ages

Mini Monsterz is a huge indoor play area, and a fantastic party venue, with some of the biggest slides in North Yorkshire! The catch is you have to catch the slides while they're open as they require staff supervision (they're that big) so be sure to listen out for the announcement, and then charge up there at all speed and try to beat the crowd!
The older kids have access to two linked frames so there are absolutely tons of features to get to grips with and plenty of space to do it in. The toddler area is actually at least the same size as the secondary main frame so they have more room than usual and proper stepped levels. Awesome!
Plus a superb auto belay climbing wall in the corner (that adults can use too! See who can get the highest!) and pottery painting on the first floor, though opening may vary with staffing for both of these features so try to be flexible. There's also laser tag available but this is after hours within the play frame so needs to be planned separately
Outdoorz is a huge outdoor part of Mini Monsterz, packed with lots of animals, from pigs and donkeys to snakes and chipmunks. Come along and feed them, pet them, and have your photos taken in front of them! There are also a few bits of sturdy play equipment out here to enjoy.
They offer unlimited play time, that means that unlike other places, you pay a one off price and stay as long as you want.

The Amusements On Pier Road

On Pier road there are three amusement arcades. As well as the usual bingo, slot machines and small children's rides there is also crazy golf with a pirate theme, shooting gallery, mini ten pin bowling and a soft play centre for younger children, alongside a cafe for the parents to supervise from.

Whitby Museum

Suitable for all ages

Whitby Museum has something for all ages with collections covering the Natural World, Social History, Textiles and Art, Whaling, and local history.

The Cabinet of Curiosities, or Ripley Cabinet, has numerous drawers to investigate the eclectic contents. If you like strange stuff, you should also see the Hand of Glory and the Tempest Prognosticator in the Special Collection.

If you are feeling adventurous, try out the free Museum trail, which will take you on a voyage of discovery and has questions to answer.

There is a great collection of fossils, which goes well with the Jurassic garden. A free leaflet for this too, just ask the friendly custodian.

You will also get the chance to find out about Captain James Cooke and world cultures in the overseas collection, plus you will want to take a look at the sailing exhibition, which has some excellent model ships, including one made of bones by French prisoners of war.

Ruswarp Boats

Along this stretch of the River Esk is Ruswarp Pleasure Boats where boats can be hired to row down the River Esk till nearly as far as Sleights. This is a lovely, tranquil stretch of river, bordered by overhanging branches and inhabited by ducks and some swans. Fishing is available from here. There is a miniature railway, with a small car park, the train runs on a weekend Easter to October and all the school holidays.

Pannett Park

Suitable for all ages

Pannett Park has a fun and friendly family environment that everyone will enjoy.

There is a peaceful lily pond to sit by in the shelter or surrounding benches where dragonflies often play, plus a reflective spot in the Commemorative Garden with wonderful views and an inspiring inscription in the sandstone walls for the kids to think about.

There is a play area with a maritime theme, which is based on designs by local children and has something for all ages from about 3 years through around 8 or 9. Good visibility from the benches for parents.

The Jurassic Gardens form a link with the fossil collection in the local museum, with huge lush plants similar to those from that period of time and a footpath with details of fossils that are likely to be found in the area and a really cool replica of a Gharial crocodile to check out.

The Community Garden is definitely worth a look as it is where local groups are developing gardens with food crops, plus there is an outdoor classroom.

Connected to the park by Union Terrace is the South Seas garden with more luscious plant samples that reflect the Southern hemisphere and has Maori artwork and imagery to enjoy.

It is a good idea to check online before you visit as a number of events and activities are held throughout the year.

Outdoor Paddling Pool

On the West Cliff, there are a number of activities suitable for children. There is a 'pitch and putt' golf green for older children close to the leisure centre.

Near the Cliff lift, is the Crazy Golf, always a favourite the old and young alike! 

Also on the West Cliff there is an outdoor paddling pool with public conveniences close by and a new skateboarding area has recently been built.

These are just some of the things to do in Whitby with your children, but as we all know, kids do like to make their own fun too. A bucket & spade on the beach can keep them happy for hours πŸ˜ƒ


May Bank Holidays

May Bank Holidays

There are 2 bank holidays in May, the first is the first weekend (May day is the Monday) and the second is the last weekend in May (the weekend starting Friday 24th May). If you are thinking about booking your Spring Bank Holiday week away and are not quite sure where to go then why not come and visit us here at Whitby Holiday Park.

Situated just a short walk from Whitby town we are the perfect location for a relaxing time away.

We have very limited availability for the May day bank holiday in our static caravans and on the touring field, and for the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May we are filling up fast.


We have self catering accommodation available in our Platinum, Gold and Pet Friendly caravans.  All of our caravans come with central heating, double glazing, kitchen facilities, one double room and either one or two twin rooms, bathroom with shower sink and toilet, and a flat screen tv.

All of our self catering accommodations are located in attractive locations around the park.  We have some that are close to the facilities and some which are located further away.


As well as self catering accommodation we also have touring pitches available..

Our touring field consists of grass pitches and come with 16amp electric hook up and there are a couple of water points situated around the touring field.  

We have sea view pitches which overlook the sea or the bay. All the other pitches are more central on the touring field and have a view of Whitby Abbey.

We also have 8 hard standing pitches available for motorhomes and campervans which all have 16amp electric hookup and water on them. 

Our modern, well serviced and pristine toilet block is accessed via a key for which a deposit of £10 is required on your arrival and is refunded to you at the end of your stay.

A minimum of three nights is required over the Bank Holiday to stay with your tourers / motorhomes.

How to Book

You can visit our website and book online or you can call our office on 01947 602664 and book over the phone with one of our friendly staff.

Don't leave it too late to book, we wouldn't want you to miss out!

Our office is open 8.00am-7pm Monday to Sunday.