The Holiday Season Continues

The Holiday Season 

The main Summer holidays may be over but our season here at Whitby Holiday Park still continues until the end of October.

It has been an amazing Summer in Whitby this year. We have had several weeks of glorious sunshine and have been extremely busy here on the park making sure all our happy holiday makers have been enjoying themselves. 

Our season continues until the end of October and we are still taking bookings all the time for the remaining dates. 

There is still plenty going on in Whitby during September & October... there is the Rock, Rhythm & Blues festival, the 60's weekend, the Illuminated Abbey which takes place every year around Halloween, and of course there is famous the bi annual Goth Weekend at the end of October.

We currently have a 5 nights for the price of 3 offer on for our touring customers and this offer runs between the 30th September and 25th October.

If you would like to take this offer up then please ring us to make your booking and state this offer at the time of booking.


Whitby is a very quaint seaside town with plenty to entertain family members of all ages. It is steeped in History with connections to Captain Cook, Bram Stoker and Lewis Carroll to name just a few.

  • If you like the Bram Stoker connection there is a Dracula trail you can follow which takes in many of the landmarks that form the setting for the Dracula novel. There is also the Dracula experience in Whitby along the quayside.

  • Lewis Carroll is another famous author who stayed at Whitby on several occasions. There is a blue plaque dedicated to him somewhere in Whitby. Can you find it? If you walk around Whitby you will find loads more blue plaques too. How many will you find? 

  • Captain Cook lived in Whitby and the house he lived in is now the Captain Cook museum in Whitby on Grape Lane. You will see his statue up on West Cliff near the Whale bones arch where he watches over the town. There is also now an Endeavour ship replica moored at the harbour where you can currently get a drink and will eventually be a restaurant too. The original Endeavour that Captain Cook sailed in was built at Whitby.

As well as all the wonderful history Whitby has to offer there is also plenty of other things to keep the family entertained. The children will love playing in Pannett Park or spending hours playing on the beach or even fossil hunting. If it's raining Whitby has some amusement arcades down near the pier. You can't beat having a go on the 2p slot machines (it brings out the big kid in everyone 😃).

There are walks galore in the surrounding areas and the other little bays are all worth a day visit to.


If you were thinking of staying in one of our static caravans but think it might be a bit cold then don't worry as all of our statics have central heating and double glazing to keep you cosy and warm no matter what the weather is doing outside.

With a choice of Platinum, Gold and Pet Friendly caravans and a choice of Friday to Monday, Monday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday breaks to choose from there is something suitable for everyone to come and enjoy a break with us. To check availability and price just simply give us a call on 01947 602664 and one of our lovely team will be happy to help you.


On the park we have everything you could need to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. We have a very well stocked shop selling items at a very reasonable price, a cafe serving delicious home cooked meals (and great coffee!), the Galleon Bar with cinema room and games room, a laundry room which also has a book exchange (bring in the book you've finished and grab yourself another one from the shelf). There are also toilet and shower facilities (including disabled access toilet & shower) and a pot washing room for our touring customers.

All our static holiday homes are self contained with kitchen, toilet and shower but all our customers are welcome to use the laundry facilities on site too if you need to.

(picture taken by Darren Mellor whilst staying with us)


So I would like to thank all our customers this year for making it a wonderful Summer and I hope everyone enjoyed their time with us. For anyone who is yet to have their holiday with us we all look forward to welcoming you. If you haven't already booked then we are waiting to take your calls to help find you the best accommodation / touring pitch for your requirements.

Call us on 01947 602664 
email us at  
check out our web site

See you all soon




Have you been thinking of buying your own little getaway place to head too on a weekend?
Are you thinking of something modern with all the comforts of home?
How about a retreat near the sea to while away the hours watching the boats sail by?
Looking for somewhere for the whole family to enjoy as well as your pets?

Does all of these things sound familiar?

Here at Whitby Holiday Park we pride ourselves on being a family owned park and having a great location! 

As we are located along the Cleveland Way, and the path runs right through the park, we have the advantage of a lovely scenic walk from the park and into Whitby. This path skirts around the edge of the famous Whitby Abbey and lands you near St Mary's Church where the 199 steps lead you down into the old part of Whitby. It also shows Whitby off with some spectacular views as you descend down the steps, taking in the harbour, piers and the west side of the town. 

There is no need to leave park if you are wanting a lazy day, as we have lots of facilities on park for you to enjoy! We have the Galleon Bar which is open daily with a cinema room showing newly released films, a hub room with ipads and xbox to entertain the kids! We have a cafe on park, so if you don't fancy cooking then you can head down to see Jo and taste some delicious food from her menu! We also have a well stock shop, and if there is something you would like in particular Michael will do his best to get it form you for the following day! 

Not to leave our furry friends out we have a dog shower, which has become extremely popular with pet owners (not so much the pets who have to get a wash!!) as this saves any sand or mud being taken back into your holiday home! Pets are also welcome in the Galleon Bar and Cafe, so they don't have to miss out on all the fun!! 

So now you know a little about what we have to offer as a Park and our location, lets have a look inside one of the holiday homes for sale!

With the Willerby Linwood the open kitchen leading to the lounge area offers a fresh and modern feel to the home. 

With a spacious layout, there is plenty of space for the whole family to relax in comfort and style. 

In the Linwood you will find beautiful spotlighting throughout - showing this stunning holiday home off in it's best light, taking what a first holiday home can offer to a whole new level. 

In the master bedroom there is a full length mirror, so you can make sure you look fabulous before you venture out for the day or evening!!

With wrap around seating in the lounge there is enough seating for everyone to sit comfortably for those evenings in front of the TV, or to spread out if there are only the two of you! 

In the kitchen you have the luxury of having an integrated microwave and fridge/freezer, saving on work surfaces for when preparing meals or snacks! 

We have a selection of pitches vacant to chose from on park, so you can have first pick of the pitches!  

 Having a 10.5 month season you will be able to get to see first hand the different seasons - spring with the daffodils, summer with the nice warm breeze and the sunshine, autumn with the changing colour of leaves and blackberries growing through to winter and walks you can do while all wrapped up nice and warm with the thought of arriving back at your holiday home to cosy up for the night with some nice warming food and a drink or two! 

We have other new holiday homes for sale on park, and we also have the option of ordering a holiday home for you if there is a particular model you really want! 

Come and visit us so you can see for yourself what a great place this is to own your own place to escape too! We have friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you may have and to show you around our park.  

Family Holidays Stress Free

Going on holiday is never easy, particularly when you have children and pets to think about too.  Staycations are becoming more and more popular as there is less hassle and you can take the whole family with you too – even the dog!!  

If you are going to holiday at home, then there is only one place for you to go........and that's to the Seaside!!  Every holiday should be spent within close proximity to the beach.  Whether you are young, or old, everyone likes a beach holiday.  Okay, so the weather may not be the same as in Spain or the Canaries, but who wants to spend 4 hours stuck on a plane and in the airport, only to be delayed for several hours??  No, I didn't think you would!

One of the best things about living in Britain is that you are never too far away from the seaside.  All you need to do is just jump in the car and within a couple of hours you are there!  Okay, so it may take a little longer if you are towing a caravan, but there's nothing better than being the first one to be able to spot the sea!

The hardest part is choosing where you want to go.  Do you go North, South, East or West!?  Well how about the North East Coast.  Nothing beats a holiday along the North East Coastline (and yes I am biased as I do live here!)  But once you have paid this part of the Coast a visit, you will never want to go anywhere else!!  

Whitby is one of the best places along the North East Coast to come for a family holiday as it caters for everyone young and old alike!  People from all over the country, (and other countries too), come to visit this picturesque seaside town, and some (like myself) end up never leaving!

There are plenty of walks along the beautiful coastline to other amazing seaside villages, all of which have amazing stories to tell and are worth a day trip to see.

This part of the coastline is also known as the Jurassic Coast and is the ideal place to come fossil hunting!  We here at Whitby Holiday Park are situated in an area known as Saltwick Bay which is well known for fossils.  We have direct access to the beach where people spend hours hunting for fossils.  But be warned, keep an eye on that tide, as once it starts to come in, it comes in fast!  Just a short 6 and a half mile walk along the Cleveland Way footpath, which runs along the cliffs, is the very popular fishing village of Robin Hoods Bay.  With its cobbled streets and quaint little shops this is another beautiful village that you must see whilst here. I like to walk there and then catch the bus back

One of the best things about having a staycation is that once you have arrived, all you need to do is unpack and relax!  If you are lucky enough to be staying with us here at Whitby Holiday Park then why not unwind and relax with a nice cold pint in our Galleon Bar.  We also have a cinema room where you can relax with a family film for a couple of hours.  And don't worry about having to leave your beloved four legged friend stuck in the caravan as we allow dogs in The Galleon Bar too! 

Our static caravans that we hire out are like a home away from home.  Most of them come with a double room, a twin room and a pull out bed in the lounge.  They all have a bathroom which has a shower, sink and toilet so the only thing you need to worry about is who is going to use it first!  They all have their own kitchen facilities too, so if you decide that you want to cook, you can do. If not, we have our very own cafe on site which does take away!  We do also provide all of our static caravans with their own TV which comes with Freesat and a DVD player, perfect for those cosy nights in!  We even have specific caravans where you can bring your beloved four legged friend with you on holiday too!  We even provide a bowl, blanket, and a few little treats for them to make them feel at home too 🐶

As well as having The Galleon Bar on site, we also have a cafe and well stocked shop on site too, which provides most essentials for a caravan holiday.  So if you really don't want to go anywhere, you don't have too as everything is provided for you.

We really are the perfect stress free holiday, and pretty much right on your doorstep!  We have stunning views of both the moors and sea, both of which are within easy access of the Park.

So when it comes to that time of year again when you are starting to plan your next holiday away, why not pick somewhere that little bit closer to home and stress free.


Summer Dog Care

Summer Dog Care

Whitby Holiday Park is dedicated to the welfare of all pets staying on our site. 
Your pet is on holiday too and we would like to ensure they enjoy their stay with us.

Summer is the time of year when we should take extra care of our canine friends.
There are many precautions that can be taken to keep your dog safe and well on a hot day.

Please see below a handy guide to keeping your dogs happy and healthy when you are enjoying the outdoors together this summer:

    Don't excessively walk your dog - walking is a form of exercise and can cause discomfort to your pet and risk them over heating - you can purchase Doggie Boots to prevent their paws getting burnt on the hot ground


    Walk your dog in the early morning or late evening - temperatures are cooler at these times during the day and it will reduce the risk of your pet suffering from heatstroke

    Be aware of how hot the tarmac is outdoors - you should always check the tarmac with your hand before allowing your dog to walk on it, if it's too hot for your hand then it is too hot for your pets paws

    Always provide plenty of water and shade for your dog either inside or when you are out and about with your pet

    Always consider the outside temperature when travelling in a car with your dog, try to avoid congested roads and busy travel periods in the day as your pet could overheat when you are stuck in heavy traffic. 
    Consider travelling at cooler times during the day, and always ensure there are plenty of places to stop for a break during your journey.
    Do not ever leave your dog in a car during high temperatures, dogs overheat fast and leaving them for as little as 20 mins could be fatal to your pet


    Dogs will develop heatstroke if they become too hot and are unable to reduce their body temperatures by panting, this can be fatal. You should be aware if your dog is more prone to heatstroke than others....dogs that are old, young, dogs that have have heavy coats or dogs with short flat faces, such as pugs, boxers, etc. 
    Dogs that are suffering with certain diseases or are on some types of medication are also more prone to heatstroke.

    Listed below are the 5 signs of heatstroke:
    1. Is the dog panting heavily?
    2. Is the dog drooling excessively?
    3. Does the dog appear Lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
    4. Is the dog Vomiting
    5. Has the dog collapsed
    If you notice your dog showing any of the above signs please follow the emergency first aid steps listed below and contact the nearest vet if necessary.

    Emergency First Aid 

    If your dog does become overheated  their best chance of survival is to reduce their body temperature as a matter of urgency, this will need to be done gradually as they could easily go into shock. 
    If your dog has collapsed due to overheating you should call a vet immediately, if the dog is showing signs of becoming over heated then please carry out the first aid steps listed below:

    1. Move the dog to a shaded cool area
    2. Start to pour room temperature water on the dogs body - do not use cold water -as this may cause the dog to go into shock
    3. Encourage the dog to drink small amounts of room temperature water
    4. Continue to pour small amounts of room temperature water onto the dog, this should be done until the dogs breathing starts to settle. do not put too much on so the dog starts to shiver
    5. Once you have managed to control the dogs body temperature and their breathing is settling down you should call your local vets and have them checked over

    Our dogs are part of the family, when going on Family walks or Summer strolls their welfare is as important as yours. It is essential to ensure your outings are suitable for them to enjoy too. 


    The Cleveland Way Walk


    The Cleveland Way coastal path runs for 110 miles from Helmsley in North Yorkshire and ends in Filey on the Yorkshire Coast.

    Part of this famous footpath runs directly through Whitby Holiday Park so if you are staying with us and fancy a nice walk then you have one on your doorstep.

    In one direction you can walk into Whitby town which is about 1 miles distance and is a really easy walk taking in views of the coast and Whitby Abbey along the way. 

    If you walk the other way you will reach Robin Hood's Bay first and the distance is about 7 miles. This part of the walk is a little bit more challenging than the path to Whitby but it's well worth making the effort as you do get to see some beautiful scenery. The footpath takes you right along the cliff edge and past an old lighthouse. You will also traverse lots of steps up and down, cross a couple of steams which run through some lovely tree lines, and pass plenty of fields full of sheep, cows or horses.

    With this walk right on our doorstep there is no better place to stay in Whitby. You could park your car up for the length of your stay and enjoy all the lovely scenery on foot. The beach is also accessible directly from the park where you can sunbathe, hunt for fossils, make sand castles or even check out the local ship wrecks.


    We have some excellent accommodation for you to choose from with a variety to suit all requirements...

    Pet Friendly caravans so you can bring along your family pets.
    Gold caravans for that home away from home feel.
    Access Plus caravan for anyone that needs disabled access or even just a little bit more room.
    Platinum caravans for that added bit of luxury.

    All of our static caravans are fully double glazed with gas central heating.

    You have a choice of...

    A full week break of 7 nights which runs Saturday to Saturday.
    A weekend break of 3 nights which runs Friday to Monday (except during the school holidays).
    A mid week break of 4 nights which runs Monday to Friday (except during the school holidays).

    If you have your own touring caravan, motorhome or campervan then we also have a touring field which can accommodate any vehicle up to 28ft long. All of our pitches on the touring field are on grass and include electric hook up, and you can choose either a sea view pitch which overlooks the bay or one of our Abbey view pitches which have views of Whitby Abbey.

    We have just 4 hard standing pitches available for motorhomes and campervans and these pitches have electric and water. On the hard standing pitches you won't be able to use an awning though.



    The facilities on the park include a well stocked mini market, a cafe serving home cooked meals and a family bar. Within the bar area there is also a games room, hub room and a cinema room with comfy sofas.

    Also on the park we have modern toilet and shower facilities and a pot washing room  for our touring customers, and a launderette for anyone who wishes to use it.


    If you require any more information or just want to book your next holiday you can do this either by checking our web site or for a personal touch why not give our friendly reception team a ring on 01947 602664. Our office is open every day from 8am.  


    Easter Celebrations

    Easter Celebrations 

    Easter weekend is Whitby Holiday Parks first busy weekend of 2018 and we are all really looking forward to welcoming our touring customers new and old.

    Whitby Holiday Park Celebrations:

    On park we are having an Easter Egg hunt at 11 am Sunday, also we will be judging the best decorated egg over the weekend: to take part please collect a hard boiled egg from reception, take it away to decorate, all hard boiled eggs should be returned to the reception and placed in the display for our independent judges to see, a winner will be chosen and notified.
    We will also have evening cabaret entertainment and bingo in the galleon bar.
    Please refer to the seperate information posters displayed 
    across the park for further details

    Whitby is hosting many events over the weekend
    Listed below are details for a few events scheduled for the Easter weekend:
    • Whitby Easter Scooter Rally 30 - 31st March 2018
    • Whitby-Easter weekend show 30/3/18 - 2/4/18 
    • Easter egg hunt - Dragon Style

    Whitby Easter Scooter Rally:

    The weekend events will include a large Parts Sale, Trade and Customer show and 2 fantastic nights of entertainment, all set in the Whitby Pavilion complex

      Friday: Amazing live performance from the band 'The Rockercovers'

     Saturday from 10.30am: Mammoth Trade, Custom show and Parts Fair - featuring many   stalls selling clothes, records, spares, new & second hand....ranging from Retro tat to   Fancy hat.

     Saturday from 8pm: Live entertainment from 'The Beautiful Sound' & 'King Hammond'
     feat 'Jennie Bellestar'  plus Top Rally DJ'S

    There will also be a display of modern, classic and vintage scooters

    The event will take place over 2 rooms in the Pavilion including the 'Main Area' and 'The Soul Cellar', also the weekend will feature VFM's Sunday Night Special at the Rifle Club.

    Whitby Easter Weekend Show:

    Set in a large airy marquee situated outside the new Star in the Harbour Restaurant this popular show is great for locals and visitors that would like to explore a wonderful variety of arts and crafts, this popular venue for made in yorkshire, the Whitby-Celebrating Yorkshire sees a keen group of designer makers come together in this beautiful coastal town. There will be displays of jewellery/ceramics, textiles/wood and photography/art. Everybody is welcome to come and peruse the arts and crafts and meet the talented artists responsible for creating such a wide variety of goods.

    Easter Egg Hunt - Dragon Style:

    The Moors National Park Centre is hosting a Dragon style Easter egg hunt. 

    'The cheeky Easter Bunny has hidden the Wish Dragon's eggs! Can U find them all for her?'

    Children must be accompanied by an adult
    No Dogs

    Happy Easter Everyone



    Easter Caravan Sales Fun Weekend - Fantastic Upgrade Offers

    Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April

    With Easter just around the corner I wanted to share with you a few things we have going on for that weekend...

                               Regal Elegance
             Thinking About Buying?

    On Easter Sunday (1st April) we will be having a caravan sales day. We have some fantastic new Holiday Homes arriving on site throughout February and March, and Easter weekend could be the perfect opportunity for you to come and have a look around.

                                   Victory Belmor 
                    Existing Owners

    If you are an existing owner then we will be having some great upgrade deals on offer so why not pop in to have a look at these brand new caravans and see if there is a deal just waiting for you.

                            Victory Torbay 

                   Fancy A Day Out?

    If your not on holiday with us then it's a great excuse to have a family day out and call in for a chat to see what it's all about. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


    On Easter Sunday we will also be having a family fun day which is sure to entertain the whole family.                                 

                                                       This will include an Easter Egg Hunt

                                                                      an Easter raffle, 

                                                 and family entertainment in the Galleon Bar 

    The Galleon Bar will be open from 12pm so you can have a nice relaxing drink with your family and friends. If the weather is nice you could soak up the sunshine on the terrace, or if you fancy you could even watch a movie in our cinema room. With lovely comfy sofas and a huge screen this is a great way to spend a couple of hours. 


    Keep on checking our facebook page for all our Easter updates and look out for our new Holiday Homes arriving on Park to view. Come along and get your fantastic upgrade offer coming very soon. This is not to be missed.

    Hope to see you all soon and have a Happy Easter.

    General Manager

    Are you looking to buy a Holiday Home of your dreams??

    Are you looking to buy a holiday home of your dreams??

    Are you thinking about buying a holiday home as a place to escape to on a weekend away from your daily routine? Are you looking for a place for the whole family to enjoy or just a special retreat for the two of you?
    Well here at Whitby Holiday Park we can offer something for everyone! 
    On park we have the Galleon Bar with cinema room, hub room and general bar area, where you can sit and relax on a sunny evening on our patio area, sipping a nice cold drink and enjoying your families company.
    On park we also have a cafe and shop selling  your essentials, so you don't have to leave the park area if you don't want to! 
    For those of you that like to explore the beaches and surrounding area, we have access to Saltwick Bay beach direct from the park, where you can go fossil hunting, looking for some Whitby Jet or even to pick winkles when they are in season! Dogs are welcome all year round on the beach so you don't have to worry about leaving them behind if you fancy a lazy afternoon at the beach! 

    We have some beautiful holiday homes for sale which will be arriving shortly onto park!


    2018 Victory Belmor - 33ft x 12ft 2 bedrooms. Including: double glazing, central heating, integrated fridge/freezer & microwave, all safety checks, all siting costings and 2 x 47kg gas bottles £42,500.00 - ARRIVING SOON

    2018 ABI Oakley - 32ft x 12ft 2 bedrooms. Including: double glazing, central heating, integrated fridge/freezer & microwave (plus optional winter packs), all safety checks, all siting costs and 2 x 47kg gas bottles - £41,500.00 -- ARRIVING APRIL

    2018 Victory Torbay - 35ft x 12ft 2 bedrooms. Including: double glazing, central heating, free standing fridge/freezer, all safety checks, all siting costs and 2 x 47kg gas bottles - £38,000 - ARRIVING SOON

    2018 Regal Elegance - 32ft x 12ft 2 bedrooms. Including: double glazing, central heating, integrated fridge/freezer and microwave, all safety checks, all siting costs and 2 x 47kg gas bottles = £48,995.00 - ARRIVING SOON

    All of our holiday homes can offer you that home from home experience and make those dreams of owning your own holiday home a reality! We have a choice of pitches so come and view the park and see if our park is the park for you! 


    We are open from 1st March until 14th January for our owners and their families to come and use their holiday home. During our closed period, you can come and check on your holiday home between 10am and 3pm by arrangement.

    Holiday homes can remain on park for 12 years from new. And we want you to enjoy your holiday home for may years to come. 

    If you have any questions or would like to come and view the park and what we can offer you, then please contact either Sue Robey - General Manager or me - Claire Carlton on 01947 602664 or via email on either or

    We look forward to seeing you soon and showing you our lovely Park and what we have to offer and letting you know what is in our local area.